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4 Tips for Healthy Haircare in Women

Hair loss is most definitely not an issue that exists solely in men. Many women will experience some form of it in their lifetime, which is reason enough to get the facts. While the things that cause hair to shed are many and varied, adhering to good hair care advice will always be beneficial.

Below are 5 tips to make that easier.

Stop Over-Brushing

Brushing does help to keep hair healthy, but over-brushing can become an issue, as it creates split-ends, the result of damage and breakage. Of course, this is not to suggest doing away with any method for untangling hair; a comb with wide teeth would be suitable for removing knots following a shower.

Take Care of Yourself

This seems like a bit of a vague tip, but it’s an important one! The body’s processes are mostly connected in one way or another, so wellbeing is as crucial to maintaining great hair as the other tips on this list. This goes beyond simply eating right and exercising; it’s also about avoiding stress where possible, and getting a healthy amount of sleep.

Take Note of Styling Tools

There are a great number of heat-based styling tools available for use, which are ubiquitous in salons and homes alike. Occasional use of these tools is fine, but daily exposure to high heat like blow dryers, straightening irons and curling wands can dry out and damage hair, leading to breakage.

When to Wash

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, select products that are designed for your hair type. This brings in a range of factors, such as scalp condition, and colour. Choosing can be a little tough, and requires some research. But remember, the most expensive products are not necessarily the best! For most people, washing hair two times a week is sufficient, which can then be air-dried rather than using a blow dryer.