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5 Hair Loss Facts… That Are Really Myths

There are a lot of important facts about hair loss that people should know to help them choose how to treat it. The issue is, these facts are often tangled up in a mess of myths and old wives tales, some of which have been so popular for decades, they’ve eventually become accepted as fact.

It’s easy to see why many people believe them; most of these myths are based in common sense.

So, we’ve put together 5 misconceptions many people have about hair loss.


#1: Hair Loss Means Your Body Needs More Protein

The root of this myth comes from the fact that hair is made up of protein. That protein is known as ‘keratin’.

From a logic perspective, it seems to make sense that if your body is low in protein, it won’t have the materials it needs to grow hair effectively.

The thing is the everyday diets of mot people bring more than enough protein into their bodies to fuel hair growth. Only extreme cases of protein deficiency have been known to cause hair loss.

So, before rushing to the butcher to stock up on steak, anyone experiencing hair loss should remember there are almost certainly other significant medical factors at work.

#2: Only Men Experience Hair Loss

For all the hair loss products marketed every day on TV, in print and online, it’s easy to think that hair loss is a condition that only a problem for the boys.

The fact is that lots of women will experience hair loss in their lifetime as well.

In fact, according to the Victorian government’s Better Health Channel, over 55% of Australian women will experience some form of hair loss, be it in thinning hair, or in patterned baldness.

Treatments for the condition from medical hair loss specialists differ for men and women. This is because of the different hormones present in each body.

Even though it’s not quite as visible as male-pattern baldness, hair loss in females is definitely NOT an uncommon thing.


#3: Bad Circulation Causes Hair Loss

This one’s a head scratcher – literally. The myth goes that hair loss comes with reduced circulation in the scalp, and can be fixed by standing on one’s head to send blood to the area, or by frequently massaging the head.

A massage might feel great, but it’s definitely no cure for hair loss. Like the myth about protein, thisis a myth that seems rational enough; if only it were that simple!

#4: Shampooing Too Often Causes Hair Loss

This is one old wives tale that has some people avoiding shampoo and conditioner where they can. The problem is it’s not true!

Like brushing hair, washing hair is an activity that makes people more aware of the hairs they’re losing. Work the shampoo lather through the hair and you’re guaranteed to see some hairs that have come out – hairs you mightn’t have noticed otherwise.


#5: Hair Loss Doesn’t Happen Before 40

Everybody sheds hair, every day – that’s a fact! But one misconception plenty of young people have is that an issue like patterned baldness will only start occurring after the age of 40.

For many people, hereditary hair loss can begin in their 20s and 30s; much earlier than they might have thought!

That said, many men experience a shift in their hair line in their 20s, which doesn’t necessarily mean significant hair loss is about to occur!

Myths Busted

So, that’s 5 hair loss myths busted. This is by no means an exhaustive list; there are plenty of other myths still floating around.

When it comes to hair loss, the only way to go beyond the rumours and old wives’ tales is to consult a professional!