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A busy professional, Graham* only wanted to go with the best available treatment option when he decided to seek medical intervention for his hair loss. He went online to search Hair Loss Melbourne to research his options and booked appointments at several hair loss clinics to speak to consultants regarding how they could help him. He was pleased to find that the Ashley and Martin website had an option for a call back service so he could take care of that enquiry while online.

It had been almost four years since Graham first noticed his hair thinning. His hair had now become so diffuse he felt it was affecting how people at work judged him. In discussing the circumstances around his hair loss, the consultant found out that Graham was constantly under a great deal of stress at work and at home. The consultant explained to him how the stress was escalating the rate at which his genetic hair loss was progressing. Continuing on the consultant described how severe stress could send the body in to a state of shock, causing it to flood with hormones and metabolites which impeded hair growth.

Diagnosing Graham with Norwood III vertex Male Pattern Hair Loss, the consultant laid out the reasons why the RealGROWTH™ program was the best treatment option for Graham. He explained how each of the components of the program would work to arrest the shedding that was not part of the natural growth cycle and prompt the dormant hair follicles to enter in to their growth phase. Impressed with the knowledge of the consultant and the comprehensive treatment plan offered to him, Graham decided to cancel his appointments with other Hair Loss Melbourne Companies and begin his RealGROWTH™ program immediately.

Four months later Graham has not regretted his decision to not shop around at all the Hair Loss companies. With diligent use his RealGROWTH™ program has proved to be the best treatment he could have asked for. Graham’s hair has returned thick and strong and he is incredibly pleased with the results.

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