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Almost all traces of hair loss erased with Ashley and Martin treatment

Twenty-one year old Miles*came to Ashley and Martin with a family member by his side for support. Miles suffered from a serious health problem which impacted all areas of his life, and while his hair loss was not as severe as this, it was something that no young man wanted to face so early in life.

They had heard about Ashley and Martin on TV and after a quick phone call, made an appointment to come in an speak with a consultant about what could be done.

While gathering background information, Miles’ consultant found that the hair loss he was suffering from may have been passed on to him genetically. His uncles suffered from androgenic alopecia. A scalp examination confirmed what the consultant had first thought. The temporal recession and thinning back through to the vertex all indicated that this too was androgenic alopecia, better known as male pattern hair loss.

Keen to begin treatment as soon as possible but mindful to make a considered decision, Miles went home to discuss treatment with his parents. Within days the decision had been made and Miles enrolled on his RealGROWTH® treatment program.

Every week Miles attended the clinic to have laser therapy treatment and was conscientious in keeping to his treatment routine. In time, Miles’ hair began to return.

His mother was one of the first to notice and comment on how well the treatment was working. It was at his first Ashley and Martin Review that Miles himself really saw just how well his treatment program was working. The Norwood III vertex loss he had walked in with was disappearing quickly. Miles was pleased to see new hair filling the gaps where he had lost so much.

Miles continued to use his medication as directed, and after a further four months on his program, almost all traces of his hair loss had been erased.

*name changed to protect privacy