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Alopecia sufferer acts on Chemist’s Ashley and Martin Recommendation

Greg* had recently moved interstate. Back home, long before he had left, he had enrolled for treatment at his local Ashley and Martin clinic. He had been suffering from androgenic alopecia and his concerns about the way his hair loss was changing his appearance had prompted him to contact a hair loss specialist for help. On top of his thinning hair, Greg was also suffering from a flaky scalp. His chemist had suggested he contact Ashley and Martin for help.

At the time, his Ashley and Martin consultant had informed him that intervention in the genetic process causing his hair loss was the only course of action that would have positive, lasting effects. And while Greg had understood this and commenced treatment, he did not keep the five minute per day routine up long enough to keep his hair long term.

That first appointment with an Ashley and Martin consultant had taken place five years before he came in to his new, interstate clinic. Ready to take control of his hair loss again, Greg met with a new consultant to discuss recommencing treatment for his progressive hair loss condition. Having been on the RealGROWTH® program before, Greg was aware of what needed to be done to keep his hair this time.

His consultant clarified that Greg’s knowledge about the program was up to date and assisted him to make an appointment with the clinic hair loss doctor to have his medication prescribed. Greg left the office that day ready to recommence his treatment.

Unable to come in for regular progress reviews, Greg met with his consultant twelve months into treatment to assess his results. After a year of consistent use of his hair loss products, it was not hard for his consultant to tell that Greg was happy with the difference he was seeing between the photos they had taken when he had come to the new clinic and the ones taken today. The photos on the screen spoke for themselves and Greg was happy to see his crown completely covered in hair for the first time in a long time.

*name changed to protect privacy