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Ashley and Martin Hair Loss Clinic Case Study

Here’s another of our hair loss clinic case studies. Daisy* was a naturally upbeat, kind and positive person. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago she underwent the physical and mental distress the disease and treatment placed on her body with poise and gentle humour. The treatment, however took its toll on her body and she lost all her hair, including her eyebrows. Her dermatologist gave her medication to assist her to regrow her hair once the chemotherapy and radiation treatment had ceased but these achieved nothing for her.

After hearing about Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic on the television, Daisy called to make an appointment. Her self-esteem was at an all-time low, she felt uncomfortable in public and she was desperate for a solution. Daisy was booked in to see a hair loss clinic consultant as soon as possible. At her free consultation Daisy was relieved to find she was speaking to a woman who understood how her hair was a part of her. With her daughter with her for support, she confided that she was terribly concerned about how her hair loss was affecting her appearance. The cancer had taken more than just her hair and she was struggling to feel like she was still a woman.

Daisy took all the information she had been given away with her to discuss with her specialists. If she was to undergo treatment with Ashley and Martin, it was to be in consultation with her medical specialists. After speaking to her oncologist about using the RealGROWTH™ medication plan and getting the go ahead, Daisy booked in to see Ashley and Martin’s doctor at the hair loss clinic to discuss her treatment.

Eight weeks after she had started treatment Daisy booked an appointment to see her consultant at the hair loss clinic. She was feeling anxious about the treatment. Both Daisy and her daughter thought they could see a change but wanted confirmation. Looking at the original photos that had been taken everyone agreed that Daisy’s hair had indeed begun to thicken. Happy and encouraged by this news, Daisy continued to attend her weekly Low Level Laser Therapy sessions. A further eight weeks into her treatment Daisy attended her four month progress check-up at the hair loss clinic. She was over the moon with the difference in her hair. Although not perfect yet, she had coverage over her entire scalp and she was beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. With a smile that lit up her entire face, Daisy told the consultant that she wanted to tell the whole world about Ashley and Martin and what we had done for her.

*names changed to protect privacy