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Ashley and Martin provides best hair loss treatment

Ashley and Martin proudly provides the best hair loss treatment available today, here’s a case study. Thirty three year old Anders*prided himself on his appearance. In his high powered, cutthroat industry ‘sharp looking employees’ were valued and competition between co-workers was fierce. It had worried him a little when he had first noticed his hair thinning a few years ago. As time had seen his hair thin further it became a great concern to him. Wanting to project a young, vibrant, ‘go-getter’ image at work, he called Ashley and Martin for help seeking the best hair loss treatment.

The consultant diagnosed Anders with classic Male Pattern Hair Loss, thinning from the frontal hair line to the vertex. The scalp assessment also revealed that Anders was in a position to regain a significant amount of hair back using the RealGROWTH™ program with in house laser treatments as the best hair loss treatment. Having attended with the goal to stabilise his hair loss and thicken the existing hair he had left, Anders was happy to hear that the RealGROWTH™ program was designed to do exactly what he was asking for. More keen than ever to take control of his hair loss problem, Anders felt confident going ahead with treatment immediately knowing that the company offered a money back guarantee on the treatment. That kind of confidence in the product was reassuring.

Travelling extensively interstate for work, Anders was concerned it was going to be difficult for him to attend a four month progress check-up. However the staff at his home clinic helped him set up an appointment at an Ashley and Martin clinic in the city he was visiting and sent his baseline photos and clinic notes to the interstate consultant so his check-up could go ahead with no trouble. After reviewing his beginning and four month photos, Anders was extremely happy he had found the best hair loss treatment available. In only sixteen weeks he had achieved the outcomes he had been hoping for when he attended his free consultation. His hair had become denser and his frontal hairline had begun to move forward. He had not expected to see such significant changes in such a short amount of time. The knowledge that he would be able to hang on to his increased hair density for years to come made Anders very happy.

*name changed to protect privacy