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Ashley and Martin Provides Solutions to Hair Thinning for Self-Conscious Client

At twenty-four years old, Peter had already tried other solutions to hair thinning before coming to Ashley and Martin. His hair loss played on his mind when he was around other people; losing his hair so young was making him extremely self-conscious.

Concerned about his appearance, he had tried treating his hair loss with an over the counter kit from a well-known hair loss company. When this did not produce any results, Peter turned to the internet to find solutions to hair thinning that were proven to work.

His consultant assessed the severity of the advanced two year hair loss. Peter was displaying a deep recession in his temples and the thinning stretched from his frontal hair line all the way back to his crown. After diagnosing him with male pattern hair loss, Norwood stage III vertex, the consultant offered Peter a solution to hair thinning that would stop the rapid shedding and regrow his lost hair.

Desperate to find a way to reverse the condition he had inherited from his grandfather, Peter signed up on a RealGROWTH<sup>®</sup> program. The consultant booked him in to see the clinic’s hair loss doctor and provided him with all the non-prescription components of his program to take home and use immediately.

After four months of using his medication and attending fortnightly Low Level Laser Therapy, Peter attended his first Ashley and Martin Review. Follow up photos were taken to compare to the ones taken of his hair in his initial consultation. Looking at these two sets of photos side by side, Peter was excited to see the changes that were already taking place.

Seeing that the recession in his temples had begun to move forward and that he had gained a great deal of density across his crown, it reaffirmed what his girlfriend had been telling him. She had noticed the improvements over the preceding sixteen weeks and had been encouraging him. The significant, early results he was seeing motivated Peter to stay diligent with the use of the effective and successful solution to hair thinning he had found.