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Ashley and Martin’s Hair Growth Treatment so Effective, Client Recommends Friend

Aarav had been losing his hair for seven years before coming to Ashley and martin looking for a proven, effective hair growth treatment. Working in an industry where his appearance was important to his career and self-esteem, Aarav sought information and advice online. Having found what he was looking for on the Ashley and Martin website, he used the online booking form to request a call back from his local clinic.

Aarav told his consultant that his hair loss had started when he was just twenty-three years old. He had always been fit and healthy, taking good care of his body. However, the one thing he could not control was his genetics. Aarav’s father and uncles all suffered from varying degrees of hair loss. He had, however, only started to think seriously about undertaking a hair growth treatment plan in the last three years. His hair loss had now advance to the stage where he was balding on the crown and his follicles were becoming sparse all over.

After collecting all the information he needed and conducting a scalp examination, the consultant confirmed that it was genetics that had caused Aarav’s hair to thin so substantially. A RealGROWTH® medical treatment program, supplemented with low level laser therapy was put to Aarav as the most effective hair growth treatment for him to address his level III hair loss.

To have an accurate picture of the progress Aarav would make on the program photographs were taken of Aarav’s hair loss from several angles. This process would be repeated at all of his scheduled Ashley and Martin Reviews.

His first scheduled review was four months in to his program. He had been attending the clinic for laser therapy regularly and been in touch with his consultant who made sure his treatment was going well and without any complications. After the new set of photographs had been taken, they were put up on the computer screen side by side for Aarav to compare the difference for himself. Looking at the marked improvement in density all over his scalp, Aarav was so impressed with the results he was seeing that he sent his friend in to enroll on his own hair growth treatment plan.