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Case Study- Alternatives to Hair Transplant

Men suffering baldness commonly present to Ashley & Martin seeking alternatives to hair transplant.

This 33 year old male presented for a free consultation for his hair loss, he has been losing hair for the past 10+ years. When he presented he was wearing a hairpiece in which was very evident as he was informed by the previous company that it was impossible for him to regrow his own hair. He was very down and depressed about wearing the hair piece and stated it costs him a lot of money to maintain.

Patient has no previous or current medical issues. After examination he had very little hair on the cranial area of his head. His scalp was in good condition no redness or irritation from wearing the hair piece. The client was a candidate for alternatives to hair transplant.

Hair RealGrowth treatment was started patient was issued topical solution and medications and came in the clinic for laser every fortnight for 30 minute treatments. At his 4 month follow check-up he presented not wearing his hair piece. Then he came for his 8 month final check-up his hair was shiny, healthy and most of all results were great.

This patient stated his self-confidence has increased immensely, he has a new haircut, is always smiling, and he stated he couldn’t be happier considering he was told previously that he could never regrow my own hair. He said he will be continuing treatment. For many there are real and effective alternatives to hair transplant.