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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Patient Receives Money Back

Travis’* hair was becoming exceptionally sparse. It had begun thinning 3 years previously and was now at a stage where he had to make the decision to go bald or seek medical intervention. Having only heard good things about Ashley and Martin’s 98% success rate** he chose to go online to learn more about the company and its treatment programs.

By the end of his free consultation 36 year old Travis had decided to go ahead with treatment. And although he knew there was less than a 2% chance he would not regrow this hair with Ashley and Martin’s RealGrowth, he opted to take a money back guarantee with his program in case he was unlucky enough to fall in that extremely small percentage.

After 4 months on the program Travis came in for his first progress check-up. At a stage where he would have expected to see significant improvement in his hair, Travis saw nothing. Disappointed for Travis, his consultant agreed there was little evidence to indicate success at this stage. He encouraged Travis to stay positive and keep adhering to his program for a little longer in case the results were simply slow to show. Travis was despondent about the lack of results but agreed to keep trying for a few more months.

Eight months after starting his program, having adhered to his use of medications and Low Level Laser Therapy, Travis again came to see his consultant. Once again they took progress photos and assessed them alongside Travis’ base line photos. Together they agreed that although it was an extremely rare occurrence, the treatment had not worked for Travis. At this stage Travis asked to exercise his guarantee. He was met with no resistance from his consultant who offered to send apply for the refund on his behalf and take care of the paperwork.

His file and progress photos were promptly forwarded on to Ashley & Martin’s medical board for review. Agreeing that Travis was part of the limited number of patients who do not respond to medical intervention an immediate refund of his full purchase price was issued as promised to him in his money back guarantee.

As the company offers more than medical hair regrowth programs, Travis’ consultant was able to discuss other options with him. The option of a hair transplant using Ashley and Martin’s unrivalled RealHair technique was available to Travis. The other non-medical hair replacement option of wearing a natural looking hair system was discussed openly with Travis so he would be fully aware of what the process would involve. As he had not been successful with his medical treatment a free RealLook hair system with invisible hair line technology was offered to Travis as a gesture of good will.

Ashley and Martin Refund

*name changed to protect privacy

** (Based on Australian Photobiology Testing Facility Hair Count Study and 2007 Nielsen Survey)