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Case Study – Baldness Treatment Sees Results in 16 weeks

Twelve months previous to calling Ashley and Martin David* noticed his hair beginning to thin and fall. Working in the music industry he was keenly aware his hair was part of his on stage persona and at 28 years old he was not ready to lose his hair. Deciding to speak to someone about stopping the hair loss in its tracks before it got any worse he called Ashley and Martin for baldness treatment.

The main areas of concern for David were the noticeable thinning of his hair on the top of his head and the fact his father had gone bald as well. His consultant could see that David’s hair was indeed thinning on the crown but was hopeful for a full and swift regrowth of David’s own hair as he had come in early in the hair loss cycle. David’s consultant discussed not only his medical and family history but the outcomes David was hoping for in coming to Ashley and Martin for baldness treatment as well. Feeling confident that David was a suitable candidate for treatment, his consultant recommended he enrol on a full RealGROWTH™ program using specialised supplements and hygiene products, medications, Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH™ solution and regular laser treatments.

David wanting to make informed and considered decisions regarding his treatment, went home and thought about it for a week before calling his consultant back to go ahead with the baldness treatment. An appointment was made for him to see the doctor to have his medications prescribed and to have further discussions regarding his treatment with the consultant.

Returning for his 4 month check-up his consultant noticed David was now cutting his hair shorter, confident he no longer needed the length of his hair to hide his balding patch on top. David was elated that his desired outcomes had been achieved and he could see the results he had attained in