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Case Study: Childhood memory prompts client to seek out an Ashley and Martin clinic for help

It’s an unusual thing to remember from childhood but Jaxon,* now 33 years old, remembered the ads on T.V. for Ashley and Martin medical hair loss clinics. The ads were currently at the forefront of his mind because he was suffering from his own hair loss and needed to get some professional help.

Jaxon was living in a remote area and made contact with an Ashley and Martin clinic (in the nearest city) over the phone. He wanted to talk to someone about his first appointment to make sure it wasn’t a wasted journey into the city. Although he had been losing his hair for the past 4-5 years, it was only in the last two months that he had been considering treatment as he was growing more and more concerned about how much he scalp was showing through his formerly thick locks of hair.

After meeting with his consultant and being diagnosed with level III vertex hair loss, he was pleased to learn that he could carry out all of his treatments in the comfort of his own home, without having to keep driving back to the city clinic. His consultant felt confident that the twelve month RealGROWTH® treatment plan would give him back his hair, and his confidence. Jaxon signed up on the day and also purchased a LaserPro cap for use at home.

Six months into his treatment program, Jaxon drove back to the clinic for a progress review. The photos showed that treatment was working well and Jaxon felt very good about his results. His hair had become more dense around the troublesome areas and the new growth felt healthy and strong. He had been encouraged by the fact that he could manage his own treatment at home with successful results, proving that even people living in remote areas of the country can benefit from the professional services that Ashley and Martin medical hair loss specialist offer and achieve amazing results.

*name changed to protect privacy