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Case Study: Hair Loss Causes Explained

Ashley and Martin consultants look at hair loss causes at the initial consultation with patients such as Alec.* Alec took pride in his appearance and to him his thinning hair did not fit the look he was trying to present. As a single, 53 year old man he did not want to project an image of looking older than he was. His appearance was part of his sales pitch and his thinning crown was making him feel insecure.

Coming in to see a consultant to discuss the hair loss causes and what could be done to help, Alec said he was hoping to stabilise his hair loss and thicken his existing hair. His hair had only been falling out for the last year, but in that time the aggressive hair loss had created quite a noticeable patch on his crown. The consultant did a scalp examination and could see Alec was thinning slightly in the front but the main affected area was the crown. Alec said he was very healthy, he took vitamins and exercised regularly. Looking in to Alec’s family history of hair loss, the consultant discovered Alec’s father and brother had also lost their hair. With this information and the pattern of thinning he was experiencing, the consultant diagnosed him with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood type IV.

The consultant explained to Alec that his hair follicles were miniaturising and the physiological reasons behind his hair loss causes. The recommended course of action was a RealGROWTH™ program especially formulated to interrupt this process and regrow Alec’s hair. Alec was happy that he had been guided through every aspect of the treatment and understood what was being presented to him. With this understanding Alec enrolled on his RealGROWTH™ program straight away.

Alec adhered to his treatment plan rigorously and after 4 months on the program came in for a progress check-up. The consultant took an updated set of photos and showed them to Alec alongside his original photos. The results were far better than he could have imagined. Elated with the dramatic difference in his before and after photos, Alec asked for a copy of them to be emailed to him so he could show his family.


*name changed to protect privacy