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Case Study – Hair Loss Company offers solution

The day Roger* walked in to hair loss company Ashley and Martin hoping to make an appointment to talk to someone about the rapid hair loss he had been undergoing over the past 12 months, he was hoping for something he considered to be desperately important. At only 23 years old Roger was searching for a way to stop his hair shedding at an alarming rate and grow his lost hair back.

At his free consultation at the hair loss company, Roger discussed his concerns and his genetic predisposition with his consultant. Roger’s father had lost all of his hair and Roger was anxious that this would happen to him in a few short years if he did not do something to reverse the process now. His consultant diagnosed Roger’s Male Pattern Baldness at a Type III vertex on the Norwood scale and suggested a full medications plan would be of most benefit to Roger. Roger was so heartened by the news that Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH™ program could help him keep his remaining hair and regrow the hair he had lost in the past year that he enrolled straight away.

Over the coming months Roger took all this medications and, when his busy schedule allowed, attended laser treatments in hair loss company As the weeks went on Roger could not only see the thickening and regrowth of his hair in the top, parietal ridge and temples but feel the increase in his hair density in the crown as he treated his scalp and washed his hair. Coming in to his check-up 5 months later Roger was feeling good about the results he was receiving on the RealGROWTH™ program. He was, however, astounded when looking at his comparison photographs side by side, he had no idea his hair regrowth had been so prolific all over.