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Case Study: Hair Loss Prevention Follow Up Photos Put Couple’s Minds at Rest

Here’s another hair loss prevention case study. Thirty-one year old tradesman, Aarav had been losing his hair for a year when a friend recommended Ashley and Martin to him. His friend was a client of Ashley and Martin’s and had regrown his own hair with a RealGROWTH™ hair loss prevention program several years previously. Aarav would have never known his friend had been suffering from male pattern baldness to look at him and began to think about calling Ashley and Martin.

A month later Aarav was up late and decided to go to the Ashley and Martin website. After looking at all the information available to him, he filled in the online enquiry form. The next day he received a call back from a representative and he booked in for a free hair loss prevention consultation at his local clinic.

He came in to speak to a consultant about the family pattern he was following; both his brother and father had lost their hair in the frontal region. After diagnosing him with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood type IIa, the consultant explained how a RealGROWTH™ hair loss prevention program could help Aarav keep the hair he had left and regrow the hair he had lost at the front. Aarav decided to give the treatment a go and signed up straight away.

Aarav’s girlfriend came with him to his 4 month’s check-up appointment. She was concerned about what would happen at the end of his program if there had been no improvement. The consultant reassured her that Aarav was in good hands and the hair loss prevention treatment was already working after only 16 weeks. New photos were taken of Aarav’s hair and put up on the screen alongside the original photos for both Aarav and his girlfriend to see. Both could see that there had been significant improvement in Aarav’s frontal hair line. Having the photographic evidence to support the success of the program made Aarav’s girlfriend feel less nervous about trusting the program would work and the couple left the office delighted with the results they had seen.