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Case Study – Hair Loss Prevention Solution

Brahma*was 26 years old and seeking a hair loss prevention solution as he was concerned he would lose all his hair if he did not take action to arrest the worrying hair fall he had been experiencing for the past 8 years. As a young student his advanced hair loss was aging him before his time, adding years to his appearance.

Having tried various over the counter hair loss prevention remedies with no success, Brahma submitted an internet enquiry through Ashley and Martin’s website and received a call from a representative shortly thereafter to schedule an appointment with a hair loss consultant.

Upon meeting with Brahma his consultant reviewed his medical and family history in addition to carrying out a physical examination of his scalp. Brahma reported that he had no physical or medical issues contributing to his decreased hair density although his grandfather had also suffered from hair loss. Taking this information into consideration as he assessed Brahma’s significant thinning through the crown and temples, the consultant diagnosed Brahma with Male Pattern Hair Loss.

Brahma’s consultant recommended he commence on a RealGROWTH™ medications program as soon as possible as the hair loss was already well established and would, in the future, reach a point where there were no longer enough healthy hair cells left in the scalp to regrow Brahma’s own hair. Brahma took all the information he had been given on board and decided to enrol straight away in the hair loss prevention solution. Over the course of his first 12 weeks Brahma worked closely with his consultant and the doctor to adjust his program to suit his needs, returning to the clinic as often as necessary to discuss his concerns.

Confident to cut his hair shorter as he was no longer using the length of his hair to try and cover his scalp, Brahma returned for his 4 month check up to discuss how his program was going for him and to have comparison photographs taken. Looking at his preliminary photographs next to the ones his consultant had just taken Brahma could clearly see the successes of his RealGROWTH hair loss prevention program. His excessive hair fall had ceased, his own hair had begun to grow back with his hair density significantly increasing throughout the crown and he could see his hair was no longer fine and wispy in the front.