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Case Study – Hair Regrowth Solution for 23 Year Old

At 23 years old Kyle* was after a hair regrowth solution after he noticed his hairline had begun to recede and his hair was also thinning on top. Six months later Kyle decided to call Ashley and Martin to take the first step towards arresting the hair loss he was experiencing. Together with the support of his partner he attended his free consultation to discuss what treatment options were available to him in order to help him keep the hair he still had and regrow the hair he had already lost.

During his initial consultation Kyle was asked about his family background, he told his consultant that both his father and maternal grandfather had also lost their hair. This information supported the consultant’s diagnosis of Male Pattern Baldness which was a level IV on the Norwood scale. He also told his consultant that had no pre-existing medical conditions. Together with this information and more given in his initial consult, it was recommended Kyle commence on the RealGROWTH™ program in conjunction with regular laser treatments for his hair regrowth solution. Kyle commenced his treatment after seeing the clinic doctor; attending laser treatments approximately once per month as well as taking his prescribed medication.

At his 4 month check-up a comparison set of photos were taken and these new photos showed that Kyle’s hair had not only started to look thicker and healthier, they highlighted the vast improvement of hair growth in the temple area. The scalp was no longer completely visible through Kyle’s thinning hair. Kyle also reported he was experiencing a small amount of flaky skin on his scalp. His consultant gave him a medicated scalp treatment to control the flakiness which worked extremely well for him.

Ashley and Martin were the first stop for Kyle and he is so pleased with the results of his hair regrowth solution he has stayed with the RealGROWTH™ program and continued to retain his hair.