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Case Study: Male Pattern Hair Loss Reversed

Gary’s* family had a history of male pattern hair loss with his father, uncle and maternal grandfather all beginning to go bald in their 20’s. This strong genetic history of hair loss left Gary with an assuredness that he himself would lose his hair also. Gary had only been 18 when he began to notice his hair falling out. His brothers were finding they were having the same pattern hair loss problem and now, at 22 years old Gary’s hair had become very thin, showing his scalp through the diffuse hair.

He was reluctant to go down the route of a transplant having seen his brother go to India for that procedure. The pre-existing hair had thinned around the transplanted hair leaving his brother with a patchy, unnatural spread of hair. Gary was aware that there were non-surgical options to keep his hair from Ashley and Martin’s advertising; and with his hair playing a large part in his stage appearance with his band Gary was not ready to lose his hair just yet.

The consultant Gary came to see assessed him with Male Pattern Hair Loss between a Norwood type III vertex and type IV. With plenty of thinning, but still active hair Gary was an excellent candidate for a RealGROWTH™ program. The RealGROWTH™ medications plan was recommended to Gary with a Money Back Guarantee if he wanted one.

Gary took the information he had found out home to discuss with his family and 4 days later he returned to commence his treatment for pattern hair loss after seeing the in-clinic doctor. Gary was came regularly for his fortnightly Low Level Laser Therapy treatments, only taking time off for an overseas holiday.

At Gary’s 4 month check-up the consultant was excited to see the results achieved with the pattern hair loss treatment he had recommended. Gary’s hair had grown back thicker all over and he is singing the praises of the RealGROWTH™ program. The biggest complement is to hear Gary talk about referring his friends to Ashley and Martin.


*name changed to protect privacy