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Case Study: Male with Hair Loss Symptoms

A 27 year old male presented to the clinic early December 2014 with no previous treatment for hair loss and was greatly concerned he would lose all his hair if he did not take control of the situation.

Client is in good health with no past or active medical problems which could contribute to loss. Client’s family history shows many of the male members on both sides of the family experiencing hair loss with various levels of aggressiveness.

Diagnosis is male pattern boldness, Norwood stage 3 Vertex due to the clear visible thinning from the hairline though to the crown leaving the back and sides intact consistent with MPB. Due to the amount of visible hair showing cells are still active in the area treatment is considered greatly viable.

After a full consultation discussing all available options and an in clinic specialist visit client decided to move forward by starting on an Ashley and Martin Realgrowth medical program in late December 2014 and within 4 months showed fantastic visible regrowth.