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Case Study – Mens Hair Loss Treatment

A 47 year old caucasian male seeking mens hair loss treatment presented with a receded hairline and thinning hair. He had been noticing hairloss for over five years and was tired of waiting to do something about it. He advised of excessive fallout and complained about being able to see through to his scalp in front of the mirror. He went on to say it wasn’t just about appearance, but also was affecting his confidence. He had no pre-existing medical conditions, however had a family history of male pattern baldness.

A scalp exam revealed thinning hair from his hairline to the back of his crown, the most excessive area being in the frontal region. The client commenced mens hair loss treatment including the medical Realgrowth Program, where he was prescribed the unique RealGrowth formula in combination with tablets and laser treatments. Regular checkups were scheduled. He also had a moneyback guarantee included.

Within four months, the client had his second set of photos taken. He noted he had seen an “amazing” change and was looking forward to seeing his photos. Once taken, the photos confirmed that the client had experienced a big increase in density. Client stated he was very happy with his mens hair loss treatment. He also noted that he wished he had come in even earlier.

He is currently on Ashley and Martin’s“maintenance” program, a simple preventative treatment to maintain his new hair.