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Case Study: Patient sees Ashley and Martin after Hair Thinning

Jason*wasn’t happy about how hair thinning. He was only 30 years old and already his hair loss was bordering on bald patches. He had first noticed his hair falling out when he was just 20. After considering treatment for 2 years, Jason went online to contact Ashley and Martin.

The free consultation Jason attended saw him diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood Iva. He had established hair loss in his frontal quarter and crown. His consultant recommended a RealGROWTH™ treatment to treat his hair thinning, expecting significant regrowth using this method of treatment. With a high rate of success expected, Jason signed up for a program straight away.

His consultant gave him a call 4 weeks after starting the program to touch base regarding how Jason was finding the program. Jason was finding the program easy to use and thought he could see a small amount of fine, new hairs already but his scalp had started itching a little shortly after commencing use of his solution. After trying the scalp cleanser that had been issued to him to dull the itch Jason called the consultant and told her it wasn’t working. The consultant immediately discussed this with the doctor and Jason’s medication was switched. Straight away Jason found the itching stopped. When he had first started to experience the itch Jason was worried that he would not be able to use the program to treat hair thinning he had bought. It had been a pleasant surprise to find that his consultant had acted immediately to make sure he was comfortable and did not ask for any extra money to reissue his full year’s supply of medication to something he was able to use.

After 4 months on his new solution, Jason came in to see his consultant for a progress check-up. Although he had room for further regrowth his consultant could see that his frontal area had improved with early, but established, coverage. His crown was undergoing regrowth also making his hair much. The consultant was pleased to see Jason had experienced such pleasing hair thinning treatment results early on after halting start to the beginning of his program. These encouraging early results showed her that, in time, Jason should receive a full recovery in his crown area and a much thicker frontal hair line as expected.


Hair Thinning Treatment by Ashley and Martin


*name changed to protect privacy