Case Study: Patient Successfully Treats Male Pattern Baldness with Ashley and Martin

At nineteen years old Ryan felt he was far too young to be losing his hair. Already his temples were receding and the whole of his hair was diffuse across his entire scalp. In his mid-teens he had undergone a very serious health scare in which he lost a great deal of his hair due to the side effects of his treatment. All of his hair had grown back after his treatment ended, however he found that it soon started shedding again. Knowing his health was not a factor in his hair loss this time around, Ryan called Ashley and Martin. He had seen the advertising on TV and he felt confident seeking help from a medical clinic.

Ryan had previously tried a prescription medication designed to assist with male pattern baldness, however it had not had the desired effect. In speaking with his Ashley and Martin consultant, Ryan learned that it is a combination of treatment interventions that are needed to effectively intervene in the genetic process that causes the androgenic alopecia passed down to him from the paternal side of his family.

While it was not his health or the treatment that had caused Ryan to lose his hair this time, those factors had induced the early onset of his male pattern hair loss. The consultant felt confident the RealGROWTH® medical hair growth program would achieve positive benefits for Ryan, and this opinion was backed up by the clinic doctor after Ryan met with her.

When it came time for Ryan’s four month progress check-up, he sat down with his consultant so he could look at his original photos compared to the ones taken that day. Ryan was amazed at the contrast. He had not realised the treatment had been as successful as he was seeing on the screen. The Norwood IIa loss he had walked into the clinic with had shaken his confidence and now, seeing how much hair had grown back in his temples and the increased density throughout, Ryan knew he had done the right thing by choosing Ashley and Martin.

*name changed to protect privacy

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