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Case Study: Personal pride restored as client recommends treatment to others

As a former body builder and someone who took pride in his appearance, Jai* was becoming more and more anxious about his thinning hair. Already prone to bouts of depression, his hair loss was affecting his confidence and his mood and, at just 36 years old, he felt he was just too young to be losing so much hair.

His parents convinced him to seek advice from an Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic. They were concerned about Jai and knew that, as the first consultation with a hair loss specialist was free, there was nothing to lose.

A little bit sceptical, Jai told the consultant that he had already tried hair regrowth products – he’d purchased them at his local pharmacy – with disappointing results. He also worried that his past steroid use had contributed to his hair loss.

After listening to Jai’s concerns and examining his scalp, the consultant placed Jai’s hair loss at level Va on the Norwood scale and reassured Jai that all was not lost. He recommended a twelve month RealGROWTH® medical hair loss program for Jai and offered Jai a money back guarantee on the treatment if it didn’t work.

Jai was immediately reassured – with a guarantee like that, he really did have nothing to lose. Jai followed the program diligently and noticed a huge change in the first 16 weeks. The large balding patch on his crown was covering over with thick, healthy hair and every month it got better. It wasn’t just Jai’s hair that was returning, it was his confidence too.

Jai was so impressed with the results of the RealGROWTH® treatment program that he happily referred a friend who was suffering a similar fate, after all…what did he have to lose?

*name changed to protect privacy