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Case Study: Young client referred to Ashley and Martin by close friend to tackle genetic hair loss

At just 22 years old, Zane* was worried that he, like his parents families on both sides, would lose his hair to male pattern baldness.

He had first noticed it thinning three years ago when he was just nineteen and the quick deterioration had shocked him. He had deep recessions in his temporal region and the hair on the front of his scalp was fragile and thinning at an alarming rate. He felt he was much too young to be losing his hair and had been considering getting treatment for it but hadn’t been sure how or where.

It was a friend who told him about Ashley and Martin medical hair loss clinics. He had seen their ads on TV and knew they existed but an extra push from his friend’s referral prompted him to make an obligation free appointment to visit a hair loss specialist.

At the appointment, Zane’s  consultant  discussed the effects of male pattern baldness and asked Zane about his family history of hair loss, explaining that nothing could be done to change his genes but treatments were available to halt the shedding caused by his genetic make up. Zane was surprised and reassured to learn that one in five men in their 20s experience significant balding. His consultant performed a scalp examination and diagnosed Zane with early stage III vertex hair loss; recommending a RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program to reverse the thinning.

Zane went away to consider his options and returned a week later to enrol on to the program. He returned again for his four month review – he wore his hair in the same style and the difference in hair density was stark. His thin and fragile strands had become thicker, denser and healthier. His scalp health had also greatly improved and Zane was feeling pretty good about his results so far, and very keen to keep going.

*Name changed to protect privacy