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Case Study: Thyroid Problem Causes Hair Loss

Theo* came to Ashley and Martin with substantial thinning. It had taken only three years for Theo’s hair to go from the thick, healthy head of hair he had sported his whole adult life to a sparse covering from his hairline to crown. Fast approaching 50, both Theo and his partner were starting to get worried about the way his...
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September 12th, 2018

Ashley and Martin Laser Cap helps woman who suffered hair loss for 20 years

A fifty-nine year old female presented to Ashley & Martin with twenty years of hair loss. The loss was clearly Androgenetic Alopecia with excessive thinning between the crown and hair line area. No treatment other than shampoos and hair vitamins had been used prior to the consultation. The client’s loss was so pronounced that failure to act at that point would...
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November 20th, 2015