Daily Mail: Woman trials world first ‘cancer cap’ that prevents hair loss in chemotherapy patients

A new ‘cooling cap’ may provide a breakthrough to help reduce hair loss in breast cancer sufferers undergoing treatment.
The DigniCap, a device designed to cool the scalp of cancer sufferers undergoing chemotherapy, is undergoing a world first trial in Western Australia – and the early results are promising.
The cap works by reducing blood flow to the scalp, subsequently slowing down hair follicle activity and reducing the hair loss normally caused by chemotherapy.
One of the success stories is Belinda Evans, a forensic scientist and keen cyclist, who was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in October 2015.

The trial is being funded and conducted by the Breast Cancer Research Centre WA, while leading Australian hair-loss treatment centre Ashley and Martin are funding the research and providing the cap for free.

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07 Jan 2017 0