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Does Wearing a Hat Contribute to Hair Loss?

Ever since wearing a hat came into fashion, people have wondered whether or not it was healthy for their hair, and indeed whether or not it actually made you lose your hair. People who undergo hair loss treatment programs often blame their hats for their hair loss. In fact, hats can cause hair loss but not in the way that you would expect. People will have to look very closely at their hat wearing habits, and then they might see that there might be a connection. Let’s take a look at the facts.

A Clean Hat, a Healthy Scalp

Anyone that’s investigated any sort of hair loss treatment has seen pictures of people wearing hats, but in reality, they’re hiding the baldness that already exists. The hat didn’t actually make them bald unless certain conditions already existed. The main thing about people who wear hats is actually the cleanliness of the hat… and the head that’s wearing it. Many people have that “lucky hat” that they wear day after day, and they even think that washing it would somehow ruin their luck. This is actually what makes their head unhealthy and could potentially contribute to hair loss in the future.29

Dermatologist Gary Hitzig, who also happens to be the author of “Help and Hope for Hair Loss”, attended many studies and pursued further knowledge about these myths and facts and concluded that dirty hats and infections were the cause of hair loss much more than any hat or helmet the person might have worn. He concluded that 2 out of 3 men would experience hair loss or thinning by the age of 60, but hats had very little to do with it.

Be Gentle with Your Hair, Gents

Another key factor is that a lot of the men who take their hat off and on many times throughout the day might be contributing to their hair loss simply due to the fact that many hats can have rough edges, and this in turn catches their hair and pulls it out. This can result in the thinning of their hair, but rarely does it actually make them go bald since hair grows back very rapidly. Once again, the hat had very little to do with the hair falling out. It was the habits of the wearer.

As a side note: Another myth that Hitzig investigated was whether or not stress or past trauma could potentially cause hair loss, and he found it to be true. But he also concluded that the stress and hats would only cause the hair to shed, and if the people who lost the hair were genetically predisposed to be bald, it would stay that way. If the person’s genetics were in favour of the people who were to have full heads of hair, it would grow back.

Hats Not the Culprit

In conclusion, there are many factors that will make men run for hair loss treatment centres across the world, but hats will not cause any baldness that wasn’t already genetically going to happen. Keeping your hats clean and rotating them frequently will give the wearer the best shot at not being affected with infections or hair loss. Myths about baldness and hats will always surface but facts will eventually prevail. With baldness being something that the public is spending millions of dollars on yearly, science is sure to come up with more answers as the years go by.