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Ashley and Martin Doctor Reveals Trump Hair Surgery

Recent footage of wind hitting President Trump’s locks reveals that surgical work looks to be the main reason for the strange pattern that is exposed when his comb overs fail.

President Trump has also revealed that he is taking the prescription medication Finasteride which is designed to block the hormone Dihydro-testosterone from causing further follicular devastation. Unfortunately, the majority of President Trumps locks could not be saved as Finasteride was not available when his genetic predisposition for hair loss took hold.

Dr Mario Terri who is the medical and surgical director for Australia’s largest medical hair loss clinics Ashley and Martin, states that the unusual pattern is likely the result of scalp reduction surgery.

Scalp Reduction Surgery is a very uncommon procedure today, however in the 70’s and 80’s it was the norm. The outcome of this type of surgery was often poor as the balding areas were removed, the hair bearing tissue was stretched to cover the removed skin. As the skin stretched the density of the existing hair thinned dramatically. Using the Norwood scale of hair loss anything over a Norwood 6 is a large area of baldness to remove. In these cases, seven or so procedures would have been conducted over many years.

For the density to have declined so much in the back of the scalp it is likely that an expander was used. An expander (think of a whoopee cushion) is slipped between the scalp and the skull and then over the next few weeks it slowly blown up. This stretches the scalp so that the non-hair bearing skin may be extracted and the remaining hair bearing skin can fill the void left.

To combat the lack of density in the back and on the frontal hairline President Trump is using the classic comb over. It would be quite a task first thing in the morning to manage his locks. Think of the opening scene from American Hustle.