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Eight year treatment journey ends with a Hair System that looks amazing

Zaine’s* struggle with hair loss began almost eight years ago. Just twenty-six years old at the time, Zaine was in good health and unwilling to accept his hair loss. Especially in light of the fact he knew hair loss in men could be reversed or stabilised if treated early enough. During the course of his first appointment, Zaine’s consultant diagnosed him with Androgenic Alopecia, also known as male pattern hair loss. This Norwood III vertex loss was likely a result of genetics as Zaine was not the only one in his family suffering from this condition.His consultant was sure to be clear on what could be achieved with medical intervention; the before and after pictures on Ashley and Martin’s website serving as a photographic guide to the results people could expect.

Zaine went away to think about the information he had been presented with, but two weeks later he was back and ready to embark on the RealGrowth® treatment plan his consultant had recommended. The twenty-six year old had high hopes that the generalised thinning he was experiencing, along with the temporal recession and balding scalp was not beyond repair.

Over the course of his initial RealGrowth® program, Zaine saw improvement. Hair regrew in his temples, his crown gained more coverage and his hair was thicker over all, just as both he and his consultant had expected. But although his progress photos showed the regrowth and time had shown the stabilisation of his loss, Zaine wanted to see more drastic results.

Zaine continued on with the RealGrowth® maintenance program to sustain the hair he had regrown as well as prevent him from experiencing further genetic loss for two years. It was then that he decided that his best course of action was to undergo a hair transplant. As with the RealGrowth® program Zaine had already tried, his consultant was mindful to make sure Zaine was fully aware of everything involved in the process of hair transplants, the likely outcomes and the importance of regular check-ups to monitor the health of his transplants. A hair transplant was not his consultant’s preferred option to give Zaine the full head of hair he was looking for, however it was the option Zaine was determined to try at this stage of his journey. And so, three years after starting his quest to regrow his hair, Zaine had surgery to graft 2000 healthy hairs into his frontal and crown areas.

As was explained to him before the surgery, Zaine needed to continue to adhere closely to the RealGrowth® maintenance program to protect his newly transplanted hair from his genetic disposition to hair loss. He took his medication regularly over the following years, however, he did not make use of the free check-ups available to him.

From the information he had gained from his consultant and online, Zaine knew that while medical and surgical interventions were generally successful in treating hair loss, every person undergoing treatment was different and as such would achieve varying results. After many years of fighting the genetic hand dealt to him and never having quite achieved the total coverage he dreamed of, Zaine finally accepted his hair loss. Once again he approached Ashley and Martin to help him with his final request to assist him to gain the full head of hair he desired. He met with a World Hair Systems hairdresser who assisted him with a fully customised hair system. This hair system, which blended seamlessly with his own hair, was exactly what Zaine was looking for. Full coverage without medical intervention. Zaine was thrilled when he saw it for the first time and continues to be happy with not only the look of his hair system, but the service he receives from everyone in the clinic looking after him.