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Hair Loss Doctor at Ashley and Martin clinic reverses hair loss

At Ashley and Martin a hair loss doctor looks after every patient, here’s a case study of successful treatment. After using the online enquiry system on Ashley and Martin’s website to book an appointment, Mark came to discuss his concerns. The consultant conducted a scalp examination and after assessing his condition as genetic, recommended Mark treat his hair loss with Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH™ medications program. The consultant advised Mark that he was in the best position to retain most of his hair and improve some of the minimal density lost having been proactive and acted swiftly.

Mark used the consultation time to gather all the information he was looking for regarding treatment plans, time frames and costs. With this information in hand he went home to discuss the evaluation of his condition with his parents. Two weeks later Mark returned and enrolled on treatment after seeing the clinic hair loss doctor.

Determined to break the hold the newly discovered genetic link had on his hair, Mark was consistent with the use of his treatment program and attended his scheduled appointments with the Ashley and martin hair loss doctor without fail. At four months a second set of photographs were taken to assess the success of the early stages of his program. Mark had already been able to see and feel the improved hair density he had gained. He had also become aware that his hair was looking healthier. Viewing his progress photos alongside each other Mark was very pleased to see that the treatment prescribed by the Ashley and Martin hair loss doctor was working as well as he had thought it was.

*name changed to protect privacy