Product Spotlight

You might have seen recent Ashley & Martin advertising mention our “Regrow Your Hair Guarantee”. So, what does the money back guarantee entitle you to?

In this product spotlight, we’ll go over all the details of what’s included, who is covered, and what it means in terms of the results you should expect from your Ashley & Martin hair loss treatment.

Guarantees, not promises

Under our Regrow Your Hair Guarantee, if you don’t receive a noticeable amount of hair regrowth after completing your Ashley & Martin hair loss treatment, we’ll give you a full refund. This guarantee is provided to most Ashley & Martin clients with Stage 2 (slight) to Stage 4 (severe) hair loss.

Increasing hair density to treat a receding hair line

How much hair regrowth should I expect before it’s noticeable?

By “noticeable hair regrowth” we mean there should be a clear, visible improvement to your hair thickness. This is usually characterised by the reduction of scalp visibility, and an improvement to your hairline.

Depending on the stage of hair loss, we estimate that an individual typically regains around 30% – 50% of their hair before it’s noticed in the mirror. Of course, this is the minimum expectation. Review our client gallery to see how much hair others have regrown through our treatments.

Assessing your hair regrowth to determine if it’s “noticeable” is a simple process of comparing photos of your scalp, before and after treatment.

Who’s eligible for the guarantee?

Almost all Ashley & Martin clients undergoing a hair regrowth treatment are offered the Regrow Your Hair Guarantee. This guarantee is provided once it’s been determined that a hair regrowth program is suited to your condition. Generally speaking, this is anyone with a common hair loss condition such as alopecia or male / female pattern baldness, whose hair loss currently falls between Stage 2 (slight) to Stage 4 (severe).

Only those whose hair loss is too advanced (Stage 5 – 7), or not noticeable (Stage 1) wouldn’t be offered the guarantee. Likewise, those with less common hair loss conditions, such as hair loss caused by radiation, autoimmune conditions or traction alopecia, may not be suited to a hair regrowth program and wouldn’t be offered the guarantee. In these cases, our doctors and trichologists may suggest alternative treatment options that can help.

Select your stage of hair loss to see if you would likely qualify for our Regrow Your Hair Guarantee.

Stage 1 – No significant hair loss

Not eligible for the Regrow Your Hair Guarantee.

There’s no hair loss at this stage, so treatment is not recommended. However, if you are worried about future hair loss, we’ll monitor your scalp and begin treatment as soon as any hair loss is identified.

Hair loss treatments for men at Stage 1

Stage 2 – Slight hair loss

Hair regrowth can be guaranteed.

At this stage, hair begins to recede into a widow’s peak. This may or may not be accompanied by hair thinning on the crown.

Treatments for Stage 2 hair loss can include hair transplants hair loss drugs and laser therapy

Stage 3 – Significant hair loss

Hair regrowth can be guaranteed.

Receding hair becomes more pronounced at this stage. Increased hair thinning and the early signs of bald spots may also be noticed in the scalp.

Treatments for Stage 3 hair loss can include hair transplants, hair loss drugs, supplements and laser therapy

Stage 4 – Severe hair loss

Hair regrowth can be guaranteed.

At this stage, hairline recession is more severe with sparse hair or no hair on the vertex. A distinct bald spot may be seen as the hair on the top of the head continues to thin.

Stage 4 treatments for hair loss including hair transplants hair loss drugs, supplements and laser therapy

Stage 5 – Late stage hair loss

Guaranteed to stop further hair loss.

Here we can guarantee to stop further hair loss but cannot guarantee noticeable regrowth.

At this hair loss stage, the two areas of hair loss at the vertex and crown become increasingly extensive. These areas are still separated, but the band of hair between them is narrower and sparser.

Hair transplants may suit Stage 5 hair loss along with other treatments

Stage 6 – Significant baldness:

Not eligible for the Regrow Your Hair Guarantee.

We have had patients successfully regrow their hair at this stage, but it can’t be guaranteed. Speak with our hair loss experts to see what treatment options will work best for you at this stage.

In the final stages of balding, areas of hair loss begin to merge. This is seen as increased thinning in the band or hair separating these areas. This leaves significant bald spots at the front and top of the scalp.

At Stage 6 hair loss treatment may include pharmaceutical laser or hair transplant options

Stage 7 – Advanced androgenetic alopecia

Not eligible for the Regrow Your Hair Guarantee.

At this stage, dormant hair follicles are unlikely to be viable for regrowth. However, other options such as hair transplants or hair systems may be suitable. Speak to our hair loss specialists to discuss your options and find the right treatment for you.

At Stage 7 hair loss treatments may not be viable but hair systems may be considered

How Ashley and Martin works

Step 1: Hair loss assessment

We start by assessing your hair loss to identify everything contributing to your condition. It’s at this stage we’ll let you know if you qualify for our Regrow Your Hair Guarantee.

Step 2: Personalised treatment

We can then give you a personalised hair loss treatment plan that combines the most advanced medical solutions for the best hair regrowth results.

Step 3: See results

We’ll monitor how you’re responding throughout your hair regrowth journey to further optimise your treatment and maximise your hair regrowth.

Is Ashley and Martin worth it?

The value of an Ashley Martin hair loss program comes from knowing you’re getting the best hair loss treatment possible, and the best results regrowing your hair.

To put it simply, we guarantee our hair loss treatments because they work.

Hair loss isn’t something that has a single cause or cure. To get real results restoring your hair, you need a dedicated program that’s suited to your condition and is monitored to maximise your hair regrowth.

To find the best hair loss treatment for you, make an appointment to speak with our experienced hair loss specialists.