Hair regrowth for man in his 20’s

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and Lee’s* six month review ‘after’ photos spoke volumes about the efficacy of his hair loss treatment.

At just 26 years old, signs of male pattern baldness were clearly seen through his dark hair. He had first noticed it thinning three years prior and in a short period of time the problem had progressed further.

Over the counter treatments hadn’t worked for Lee so he turned to a hair loss specialist for advice. That advice came from an Ashley and Martin hair loss clinic.

Lee’s consultant spoke with him about his family history of hair loss and explained that one in five men in their 20s experience significant balding. His consultant performed a scalp examination and took photos of Lee’s hair from multiple angles as a reference to ensure both he and Lee had an accurate recording of the effectiveness of his treatment program which would address his Stage 3 vertex hair loss.

Recommending a RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program to reverse the thinning on Lee’s vertex, the consultant was confident this approach would produce the thick, new growth looking Lee was hoping for. This was a multifaceted program formulated to include the most effective medical stimulant, known to return hair follicles to the growth phase. A selection of products were also offered to improve Lee’s scalp health and indeed, the results were impressive.

After 6 months, the regrowth was noticeable – and Lee was only half way through his treatment.

*Name changed to protect privacy

hair regrowth after 6 months