It was Brendan’s* wife that initially suggested he contact Ashley and Martin. She knew he was conscious of the aging affect his thinning hair had on his appearance and she wanted him to feel comfortable with the way he looked. Brendan had watched his cousins, his father and his grandfather suffer the genetic predisposition to hair loss they all shared but was not feeling great about following the same path. Concerned not only for her husband’s emotional wellbeing, Brendan’s wife was worried about the degree of hair loss he was experiencing at such a young age. Now 26 years old, Brendan had been losing his hair for three years. This rapid hair loss prompted the couple to seek professional advice from a medical hair specialist.

Together they attended Brendan’s first appointment at Ashley and Martin. After discussing the best treatment options available for Brendan’s Norwood IV androgenic alopecia, Brendan wasted no time getting started. The clinic doctor was available for consult straight away; Brendan, in good health aside from a severe case of dandruff, was prescribed and provided with his medication by the doctor. Bags full of medication, herbal supplements and specialised hygiene products in hand, Brendan and his wife left the clinic.

After two months of using his RealGROWTH® topical solution, Brendan began to develop an itchy scalp. Unsure if this was normal or even related to his RealGROWTH® program, Brendan spoke with the Ashley and Martin team. Without further cost to him, he was provided with a new solution to trial for a month to see if this addressed the problem. Brendan was pleased to find that not only did the irritation stop, but the entirety of his topical solution was switched out without cost.

Four months into his treatment, Brendan was contacted for an appointment to assess his progress on the program. New photographs were taken from all the same angles as were taken in his initial appointment and compared alongside each other.

There was no mistaking the efficacy of Brendan’s treatment. He and his wife were already thrilled with the results they were seeing and these progress photos highlighted just how far he had come. New hair had sprouted from dormant follicles, thicker and healthier than he had seen in years. Brendan’s youthful appearance was returning thanks to Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® program.

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