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Ashley & Martin has been regrowing and restoring hair since 1964. After nearly 60 years, we’ve mastered it. In fact, when you sign up with Ashley & Martin, you get results, or you get your money back. Naturally, there are some conditions. In some late-stage hair-loss cases, we can’t offer a guarantee, but saying that, the vast majority of our customers qualify.

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Melbourne City Level 2, 53-55 Exhibition Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9639 2622
Email:Melbourne City

Note: no wheelchair access

Melbourne City Clinic Information: the Melbourne City Clinic is located at Level 2, 53-55 Exhibition Street, Melbourne. The Ashley and Martin Melbourne City consultant is Glen Rodrigues and the Doctors assisting our Melbourne City patients are Dr Elissa Stafford and Dr Boudeville.

Hours: Monday to Wednesday 9am – 7pm, Thursday 9am -5pm. Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Parking Permit parking is provided on Exhibition Street and surrounding roads. Multi-level car parks are located on Exhibition Street and Flinders Lane.

A Hair Loss Case Study from our Melbourne Clinics

Julian* had been on Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH™ program for only five months but already he was so convinced of its efficacy that he was concerned about being without his medication whilst on a long term overseas trip.  His immediate results had been so outstanding that Julian did not want to risk interrupting his treatment plan during his working holiday.
Just six months earlier Julian had been despondent about the prospects of regrowing his hair.  He had been using an over the counter remedy for a substantial amount of time and was not happy with the lack of results.  At the time he was shopping around looking for a treatment option that would work.  Julian saw Ashley and Martin’s ads on the television and decided it would be worth his time to find out what we did differently to what he had tried already.
It had been almost six years since Julian had first noticed his hair shedding excessively.  With the dominant hair loss gene coming through from his mother’s side of the family the 40 year old was already aware he was suffering from Male Pattern Baldness.  What he had not realised was that the stress he was under was exacerbating the problem, causing his hair to shed faster.
The RealGROWTH™ program was the most comprehensive hair loss treatment option Julian had found in his search for a way to stop his hair falling out.  He made the decision to stop looking and start treating his hair immediately.  He signed up for a medications treatment program straight away.
Now, five months later, Julien is unequivocally glad he stopped shopping around and started to treat his hair with Ashley and Martin.  His treatment had worked better than he had dared hope for.  He is convinced, without a shadow of a doubt, that without this treatment he would have been bald by 50 just like his grandfather.  With his extended time overseas approaching quickly, Julien was sure to make sure he had enough medication with him to last his time away.
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*name changed to protect privacy