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Hair Loss Treatment Successful After Chemist Treatment Fails

Thirty-four year old Riyaaz*took to researching hair loss on the internet when he was ready to find a hair loss specialist. He had seen Ashley and Martin’s advertising on television prompting him to give increasing thought to the idea of doing something about his diminishing hair over a period of three months. He had unsuccessfully tried using an over the counter foam available at the chemist and was ready to find a hair loss solution that worked.

It had been three years from the time he had first noticed his hair beginning to fall out to the moment he set foot in his consultant’s office. In that time Riyaaz had lost a substantial amount of density from his frontal hair line to his crown. His father, uncle and grandfather had all gone through the same genetic process; however Riyaaz was not ready to surrender to it. His inherited hair loss had changed the way he looked and felt.

The consultant he met with laid out the combination of medical interventions that would be used to treat Riyaaz’s Norwood III hair loss. In addition to the medical and herbal interventions, Riyaaz would be provided with specialised cleansing products and had the option to purchase an in home laser therapy device to save him time in his busy schedule.

Having done so much research before coming to Ashley and Martin, Riyaaz was satisfied that the treatment plan he was being offered was the best hair loss treatment available and signed up immediately.

The quick and easy routine of taking his medication and applying his RealGROWTH® solution fit well into Riyaaz’s day and it was a great time saver to use his Laser device at home instead of attending the clinic for laser therapy. He also found that a pleasant, but unexpected benefit to his treatment was that his minor dandruff problem cleared up with regular use of his RealGROWTH® solution. Riyaaz was pleased he had chosen Ashley and Martin to assist him in his treatment, the progress photos taken in his check-ups showed that he had made the right choice.

*name changed to protect privacy