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Hair Regrowth for Men Achieved with Comprehensive Approach

Daniel had done his research online looking for treatments that would provide hair regrowth for men. He had watched his father lose his hair and wanted to act quickly to prevent the same thing happening to him. Just eighteen years old with nine months of hair loss behind him, Daniel felt he was far too young to lose his hair already.

Researching his options, Daniel found the online enquiry form on the Ashley and Martin website and requested a call back from someone at his local clinic. It had been three months since Daniel had started thinking about getting treatment and to date, he had not tried anything else to stop his higher than normal shedding.

The consultant he spoke with put the young man at ease as he gathered all the information he needed to make a diagnosis. For Daniel’s Norwood level III loss a RealGROWTH ® medications program was recommended to provide hair regrowth. For men, a comprehensive approach of anti-androgens, topical solution, herbal supplements, and laser therapy was recommended for best results.

Daniel went home to discuss the treatment plan he had been offered with his parents. A few weeks later he returned to see his consultant again, this time with his father in tow. After a short discussion, Daniel enrolled on the RealGROWTH® program he had been offered at his initial appointment.

Although unable to attend the clinic for the regular laser appointments that were a component of the treatment, the comprehensive approach used to treat Daniel’s hair began to work. Over the coming months, Daniel was able to watch his hair steadily begin to return to its former state. Daniel was elated with the changes he was seeing in his hair. Just like the website promised, Ashley and Martin proved to be able to provide hair regrowth for men that was easy, affordable and, most importantly, effective.