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Case Study: Client from India Amazed at How Much Hair He is Able to Regrow

Sai* had tried applying castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and an over the counter Indian hair loss product all in a bid to stop his hair falling out. But nothing had worked. His hair continued to shed at an alarming rate and his scalp became clearly visible from his frontal hair line back to his crown. It had reached a point where his concerns had prompted him to start considering finding professional help for his hair loss over the past two months. And coming from a close family, his parents were just as concerned about his hair loss as he was. Searching online for reputable hair loss clinics, Sai found Ashley and Martin and used the online booking form to request a free consultation.

Collecting the information relevant to confirming a diagnosis and ruling out underlying conditions, Sai’s consultant found he was under a little stress due to having recently emigrated from India and from the workload at the technical job he performed. However, Sai’s hair loss significantly predated the onset of this stress. Performing a scalp examination, the consultant could see Sai’s pattern of loss was following the pattern of hair loss typically experienced by Indian men. Thinning substantially from the frontal hair line back to the crown, the five years of male pattern hair loss Sai had experienced had left him with a great deal more dormant follicles in this area than actively growing ones. Confident in the capacity of the RealGROWTH® program to reverse Sai’s Norwood level V loss, the consultant offered a money back guarantee on the treatment.

Six months after that meeting, Sai could clearly see that the consultant’s confidence in Ashley and Martin’s medical hair regrowth program had not been misplaced. He was amazed at how much hair he had been able to regrow. And his family back in India were thrilled for him too.

*name changed to protect privacy