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The before & after photos shown above are our real patients’ results

Ashley and Martin LaserPro Plus

The evolution of the Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has now reached a level of satisfaction for our medical team to feel confidence in the benefits that our clients may obtain. Our in house LLLT have always been available for our clients however they were never going to give a massive result as clients were not going to come in three times a week for them. The change to a laser comb improved the usage however they were limited in the lack of area that they could cover to give the output energy levels required to get a major improvement. Now we have the cap device LaserPro Plus. The LaserPro Plus has 272 laser diodes and slips inside a hat so that you can wear it at home. Clients use it for thirty minutes every other day. Here is a table showing the output of energy compared to the other systems.

Type of laser Number of diodes Output of energy Usage to obtain same energy output per week
In Clinic Laser 80 400 mW 357 minutes (5.95 hours)
Laser Comb 7 35 mW 4080 (68 hours)
LaserPro Plus 272 1360 mW 105 minutes (1.75 hours)

With the LaserPro Plus you are just wearing a hat for 105 minutes per week, with this we have found the compliance by our client is sufficient for the technology to improve the client’s hair. If the cap does not work for the client then we have no other choice than to look at the medical options that are available. It is not suitable for all clients, so when you have your free consultation all options will be discussed.