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Leading Cause of Hair Loss in Men Addressed with Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH Treatment

Sixty-three year old Kevin began researching causes of hair loss in men online within months of his hair beginning to thin. The onset of his hair loss had been sudden and within twelve weeks of the first signs of shedding, Kevin’s scalp was clearly visible through his wavy, brown hair.

It was a family member who urged Kevin to give Ashley and Martin a call after seeing how rapidly his hair was falling out. Feeling thoroughly informed about the causes of hair loss in men his age, he went to the Ashley and Martin website to find out if we were able to help. Finding the information he was presented with on our website was confirmed by his own research, he used the online enquiry form to book an appointment.

After conducting a meticulous scalp examination, Kevin’s consultant explained that he was suffering from male pattern hair loss. This genetic condition was the leading cause of hair loss in men and would be able to be addressed with Ashely and Martin’s RealGROWTH<sup>®</sup> treatment. Using the RealGROWTH<sup>®</sup> formula, herbal supplements and in home laser therapy, Kevin’s Norwood IV scale loss would be able to be reversed.

Not feeling good about the way his hair loss was changing his appearance, Kevin signed up for treatment immediately.

Using his laser cap every other day and his other hair loss products every day, Kevin’s hair stopped shedding at the higher than average rate he had been experiencing. The turnaround in the condition of Kevin’s hair was dramatic. At his first Ashley and Martin Review, four months after beginning his program, he was very pleased with the results he was seeing. By the time he had been on the program for eight months he was thrilled. The overwhelming differences between his initial and review photos made Kevin glad that the cause of his own hair loss was among the causes of hair loss in men that were so easily reversed.