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Locks of Lies vs. Truthful Tresses

Hair loss in women is not uncommon, but you wouldn’t know it if you went by how much people talk about it because, unlike male hair loss, it’s somewhat swept under the rug.

And unfortunately this very well may be the reason why there are so many myths about women’s hair loss floating around! The fact is – hair loss in women is far more common than many realise.

Does the birth control pill really cause hair to fall out? What about high testosterone levels? What are the treatments? Let’s take a look at the more prevalent myths about hair loss and finally put an end to it all.

Lock of Lie: Only men suffer from hair loss

Truthful Tress: Although balding is often thought of as only a male problem, over 40% of women will suffer from hair loss at some point in their lifetime.

Lock of Lie: The birth control pill causes hair loss


Truthful Tress: In the past decade the birth control pill has come a long way. Advancements have been made to minimise its side effects, one of which used to be that it would interact with hair follicles – progesterone hormones in the pill would act like androgen (male) hormones, which can cause hair loss. Modern birth control pills, however, are more anti-androgen.

Lock of Lie: High testosterone causes hair loss

Truthful Tress: Excess testosterone in your body does not cause hair loss, but it can play an indirect role as testosterone can convert to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which plays a big role in hair loss.

Lock of Lie: Too much UV can

Truthful Tress: While it’s widely known that UV damages and ages the skin, there is no proven direct link between UV rays and hair loss. Vitamin D is actually good for slowing down hair loss as it helps drive the hair from the resting to the growing phase.

Lock of Lie: All hair loss is permanent


Truthful Tress: Hair loss can be temporary. For example, hormonal changes can cause hair to fall out, but in most of these cases it re-grows after the hormones adjust back to normal. Even when it seems permanent, hair loss can be slowed and reversed thanks to treatment. There are a variety of treatments for different types and stages of hair loss. Treatments range from topical lotions, to oral medication and laser caps.

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