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Male Pattern Baldness Arrested by Medical Hair Treatment

Male age 33 with 1-2 years of noticeable thinning presented to Ashley and Martin for hair treatment. Patient believes the hair has started to shed more aggressively in the past 6 months. Patient has a family history of hair loss and does not want to go bald.

In this situation where the patient still has coverage over the entire scalp, although noticeably less hair density than normal, Ashely and Martin’s Realgrowth program would be the most suitable hair treatment option. Allowing the patient to stabilise and improve hair density through the use of Laser treatment and Prescription medications.

At 4 months the patient’s hair had rapidly increased in density and shedding had reduced as well. The patient was feeling a lot more confident at this stage and very happy with the condition of his hair after hair treatment.

By 8 months a huge improvement in the patients hair was noted and the Realgrowth treatment proven successful once again. With maintenance use of the Realgrowth treatment the patient should be able to maintain his new hair density for years to come.

3 years later the patient is still enjoying his hair with the implementation of the Realgrowth program hair treatment and couldn’t be more satisfied.

In conclusion the patient was suffering from classic male pattern baldness and with quick action was able to save and repair most of his hair with the use of the Ashely and Martin’s Realgrowth program.