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Male Pattern Hair Loss – 25 Year Old – Case Study

A 25 year old male presented to the clinic in February 2013 for a free consultation with grave concerns he was suffering with male pattern hair loss, as there was history on both sides of his family. He also was showing visible signs of thinning which was extremely distressing to him.

Upon the initial consult it was discovered the client had already been diagnosed with male pattern hair loss and was undergoing treatment with prescribed medications from his own doctor, although only for a the past few months and had not noticed any change at this time.

The visible decreased density on the crown and frontal areas of the scalp along with the client’s clear family history helped with the diagnosis of male androgenetic alopecia. The client had no past or present medical concerns and presented in good health.

After discussing all the treatment options for male pattern hair loss available, the client decided to continue on his own path of treatment for the time being. It was not until December 2014 when he returned to see if there was anything new available. He believed he was doing quite well in his treatment, however when we were checked the photos from the first consult against the photos taken on the day we discovered all was not well as he had visibly thinned even further.

It was at this point he decided to start on an Ashley and Martin medical Realgrowth hair regrowth treatment program desperately hoping to regain his hair. Six months passed before he was able to visit for a check-up. Once again we took new photos and checked them side by side with previous ones. This time however there was clear visible improvement and the client was extremely happy and relieved.