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Medical and Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

A 47 year old Caucasian male presented with approximately 5-10 year history of hair loss throughout the scalp. Client reported a steady decrease in hair density around the frontal and crown areas. He reported no follicle inflammation, pain or itching. Some previous over the counter treatments had been trailed with no success.

Examination revealed an extensive decrease in hair density across the temporal, frontal, mid-frontal & crown. There were also a significant number of vellus (miniaturised) hairs present. No infection, inflammation or dandruff was visible. The diagnosis was made as hair loss due to male pattern baldness (Norwood V)

Treatment then commenced, client was prescribed a topical Realgrowth formula applied to the scalp at night, oral DHT inhibitors & Laser cap was issued.

Examination five months into treatment client reported ease of use and a significant decrease in overall hair loss. He also revealed significant increase in overall hair density. He experienced substantial improvement in size of vellus hair, the number of which also multiplied. Visible changes were made across the temporal, frontal, mid-frontal and crown. Client is continuing with hair loss treatment and will be expecting further result in the coming months.