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Preventing Hair Loss – A Case Study by Ashley and Martin

A 44 year old Indian male presented with all over hair thinning, experiencing for 4-5 years, but noticeably over the last 2 years and was looking at preventing hair loss. He had a long family history of male hair loss (Brother, Father, Uncles, Grandfather), and no medical issues He reported progressive thinning across from his Crown to mid-section. He had been concerned about his hair loss and because he didn’t like the look of hair on the sides and back and no hair on top, he decided to shave his hair really short. He didn’t suffer from any pain, itching or scalp issues. After a failed attempt treating his hair with two other Hair Loss companies, he decided to come and see Ashley and Martin as a last resort. He is very skeptical about treatments for preventing hair loss., and after 3 months of trying to convince the client to try our treatment, has decided to give it one more shot.

Examination revealed an extensive thinning down mid-section and vertex, slight thinning hairline and decreased luster and shine of the hair overall, consistent with a diagnosis of Male pattern hair loss stage VI. There was no scalp inflammation, and no evidence of infection or scarring scalp disease.

RealGROWTH treatment was initiated with Topical and Oral treatment. Also recommended Laser Therapy sessions, minimum once a fortnight for 15 mins. At his follow-up visit at 4 months, the patient reported significant increase in density and regrowth. He said that he noticed a change at around three weeks of treatment. He started Laser Therapy sessions once/twice a week. No side effects or issues with the treatment.

Photos revealed a significantly increase in hair density through mid-section, and noticeable healthy hair. Figure 1 shows the comparison between the baseline and 4 months appearance. Further use of RealGROWTH treatment is needed to achieve maximum regrowth and maintenance. Client is very happy with his results and now not skeptical on preventing hair loss.


Avoid Hair Exposure to Chemicals and Heating Tools Frequently

Extended, regular use of chemical-heavy shampoos, hair styling products and heating tools like hair dryers and straighteners may damage hair beyond repair by weakening the proteins inside it.

Shampoos that contain a lot of silicone, parabens and other artificial ingredients make hair rough, dry and fragile, which eventually leads to hair falling out and sometimes even scalp irritation. And heating tools are even more dangerous than you can imagine. The heat generated from styling tools can burn the scalp and damage hair follicles.

Try to switch to organic and chemical-free products and don’t over-shampoo – reducing hair washing frequency can actually improve the health of your hair. It would be extreme to tell someone to never use heating tools on their hair, rather, it’s best to practice moderation. When you do feel like styling your hair –such as for a special occasion or event – make sure to use a heat protection spray to minimize hair damage. Get haircuts regularly to get rid of split or dead ends – this can instantly improve the look of your hair.

Eat Healthy

Your diet directly affects your hair health. Eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet comprising of vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, and omega 3 fatty acids will help keep your hair in good shape. Extreme diets and dramatic weight loss can cause hair to fall out. For women in particular, iron is very important.

Stay Stress-Free

Stress can alter the natural hair cycle: it forces hair follicles into their resting phase, causing them to fall out prematurely. If you suffer from stress, look into things like meditation, yoga and cardio exercise and try to avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.