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Regrow Hair with Ashley and Martin Case Study

Vaibhav* had used Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH™ program to regrow hair in the past, so when he went through another period of rapid shedding he knew who to call. He had experienced such impressive results the first time he had used the regrow hair program that he did not have any qualms using our company again. It had been four years since Vaibhav last visited Ashley and Martin and, at 29 years old, Viabhav still felt too young to be losing his hair.

Speaking to the same consultant who had overseen his treatment the first time, Vaibhav came to discuss undergoing treatment to regrow hair again. The consultant took photos of Vaibhav’s hair to compare to when he had ceased treatment previously. There had been a serious decline in overall density in the years Vaibhav had not been intervening in his genetic pattern hair loss. This time he had lost a greater amount of hair before seeking treatment and was diagnosed as level III vertex on the Norwood Hair Loss scale.

Aware of the way the program worked already to regrow hair, it did not take Vaibhav long to decide he wanted to proceed with treatment. An appointment was made for him with the clinic doctor to have his medication prescribed and he began Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatments as soon as possible.

After four months of treatment, Vaibhav met with his consultant check in on his regrow hair progress. This time around Vaibhav was even more impressed with the results he achieved on the RealGROWTH™ program. He had much more hair to regrow this time and the program had not disappointed him. More than reversing the early temporal regression and widening part line he had sought treatment for initially, the treatment had increased the overall density of his hair. Viabhav was ecstatic to see his scalp did not shine through his hair any more.