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Patient Survey Results

Survey of Ashley and Martin patients conducted October / November 2016.
Survey independently audited by Watkins Coffey Martin, Chartered Accountants Sydney
Do you feel that you waited too long to start treatment for your hair loss?
How long do you think that you will treat your hair loss condition?
1-3 years1119.9%
4-7 years11310.1%
8-15 years887.8%
As long as I can81072.2%
What was the motivation for doing something about your hair loss issue?
Felt I was too young to have a hair loss problem73965.9%
Felt unattractive36632.6%
Wanted to control my genetic condition16414.6%
You have been teased by friends, family or work mates13011.6%
You have always considered your hair to be your crowning glory1119.9%
Why shouldn't I have my hair for as long as I want42938.2%
(Multiple Answers Permitted)
What age were you when you first noticed hair loss?
What age were you when you first sought treatment for hair loss?
How long does it take you to treat your hair loss condition per day?
1-2 mins per day55149.1%
3-5 mins per day40436.0%
5-10 mins per day1119.9%
10-20 mins per day292.6%
20-30 mins per day161.4%
When you started treatment with Ashley and Martin did you?
Feel sceptical it would work42537.9%
Trust what was told to you by the consultant or doctor37933.8%
Feel relieved that there was a proven medical treatment program32328.8%
Just want to give it a try49143.8%
None of these70.6%
(Multiple Answers Permitted)
Did anyone encourage you to seek treatment for your hair loss?
Yes, my partner16514.7%
Yes, a parent948.4%
Yes, a friend1029.1%
Yes, someone else403.6%
(Multiple Answers Permitted)
When you were first consulted and saw your photos of the your hair loss problem did you feel?
Surprised on how bad it was62155.3%
It was not as bad as you first thought544.8%
It was exactly how you thought it would be41336.8%
None of these343.0%
When you had your next set of photos taken did you feel?
Surprised in the improvement48943.6%
You had a good idea on how it had improved39134.8%
Disappointed that there was not more improvement15413.7%
You did not notice any improvement454.0%
None of these433.8%
If treatment for hair loss does not work for you would you?
Accept it and just let it go60553.9%
Go for a hair transplant29025.8%
Go for non-surgical hair replacement (custom made hairpiece attached to your scalp)242.1%
None of these20318.1%
How do you feel about discussing your hair loss treatment?
Only those closest to me48843.5%
With my friends1079.5%
I am happy to discuss it with just about anyone21519.2%
I don't discuss it at all28525.4%
None of these272.4%
Have others noticed improvement in your hair loss without being prompted?

Additional Comments from Survey Respondents

All responses, both positive and negative have been published.
Ive been very happy with the treatment. I think for me personally it has been a great success and I will continue to do it as long as it works.
Best thing I ever did!
Has been excellent, and professional.
It has been amazing this entire time!
I am customer with the Canberra branch for over 5 years. Staff there are friendly and helpful. I have definitely recommended this to friend and will continue to do so.
Great all round!
Very friendly,and very good service.
Exemplary customer service, to the point that I enjoy visiting the clinic. Would recommend to friends.
has been friendly & professional service, looking forward to good results
Very inconvenient to get to the laser sessions. Otherwise well looked after by staff.
Very friendly and helpful
ALLWAYS professional
Once the medication becomes part of your routine it is easy to maintain. Payment day for another years treatment is a bit scary , however I'm greatful I have a solution
Good friendly staff who are willing to strive for hair growth for their relevant patients. customers and provide honest advice.
It can be expensive..but it does work.
Yes they work harder to keep ur hair losing in control so u can grow ur hair back but we have to do everything on time to make it work thanks
A&M have treated my hair loss for more than 20 years and I am very happy with the results.
Service and treatment has been good and I am happy with the results. I will definitely be continuing with this.
No complaints, everyine is very polite and helpful
Im fairly satisfied
Very professional organization
The staff are very helpful and approachable
Very professional and friendly I would definitely recommend to anyone I can
I feel that I should have speak to you guys earlier to start treatment so happy with the result
Some consultants are poorly informed while some are exceptional and positive
Excellent treatment
Your treatment has made me feel so confident! So proud to be apart of the Ashely and Martin Family, I wish I joined sooner!!! I totally believe in this product and I have the proof to show case it! Thank you thank you thank you!
The treatment definitely works, you just have to be committed to do it, permanently....
The team at Ashley and Martin Brisbane have been expectional in the way they conduct themselves and I would gladly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about a hair loss treatment.
Excellent service! Very prompt
Should offer discounts, for long term treatment, might not get it next year as to expensive
One of the trusted services I recommend to my friends and the amount of shampoos should be more.
Was pleased after seeing the first progress shots but more needs to be done to get better results. Especially with the level of competition increasing these days. Staff are quite friendly.
I have it a go and had low expectations (based on negative comments) and thought I would give it a go with nothing to lose (other than money). I completed for 1 year and nearly finished my 2nd year but not sure if much improvement has been in 2nd year and sceptical whether to continue and if it is needed - especially the fact it's expensive.
The staff are incredibly friendly and professional.
Service has been great
Be more proactive in asking patients to book in for laser treatment
I would recommend it
Rather than get SMS updates & request for information I would prefer phone calls
Allow patients to chose which items to pay for. I need a specific dandruff shampoo and conditioner. The stuff I get from you is of no use but I still pay.
I have been in the program for almost 2 years. Had a little bit of improvement but overall not 100% happy with it so far.
The service and treatment are not satisfactory in Melbourne branch compared to Perth office.
Good service
Excellent service and friendly staff, enjoy popping in and seeing the team @ the Melbourne office
The service level is satisfactory but it tends to dip once you cross the initial 8 month mark,as no emails are sent out advising regular doctor visits
Thank you for a very effective treatment and service
At 52 yrs old, i strongly believe it has given me self confidence and control over myself. The comments i get from people around me, gives me the re-assurance to continue with the program, as long as i can afford to so.
The service is wonderful and supportive. Helping me with every step along the way through the treatment. I am very happy with Ashley and Martin and everything they have done for me.
All round it has been fantastic treatment
Too expensive, my expectation before starting treatment that I would see the doctor for more than 10mins a year.
Loving it. Thank you so much
Great service,friendly staff no complaints at all
Good service and treatment. Nice people and environment.

Would be good if rather than taking the whole product package, we could just buy components. For example, get the scalp liquid without the tablets. Tablets can be purchased from chemist at a lower price, so it makes sense to get these cheaper elsewhere. Thanks
I think consultantions should be more frequent and more time given to each one on treatment.
Hi i am continuing my treatment of regrow hair at parramatta campus and the service and treatment of here is execellent especiaaly mr. Matt always look after me . I am very glad to join with ashley martin
Always great atmosphere in the office. They answer all questions and concerns if i have any.
Great product, it really worked for me. However it is very pricy. I recently discussed with my doctor and he said he can give me similar testosterone inhibitors for less than a quarter of the price.
Need to be more innovative with solutions and be at the forefront of new treatments/procedures
Generally very good.
Excellent product
Really appreciate the program. Especially being so young it's been difficult. A huge help
Thanks to everyone that u guys make me happy to get my hair back πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰
I have had better results earlier in the program than as I am getting older.
I see the result in short span of time. The staff and therapist are friendly.
the ongoing cost has some concerns
My early experience wasn't very good, however when I returned a second time the specialist I visited was very reassuring and helped me set my expectations to as realistic as possible. Although my condition hadn't improved I am pleased with the level of care shown by AM staff since.
Good service and the people are always nice, its a confortable place to go once a week for a 15m laser session.
Always great service and very welcoming.
I think that they overstate the hair loss improvement
I wish there was an at home laser treatment offerered so I could do that part in my own time rather than having to make regular appointments.. it's not that convenient given there is only one treatment centre in Canberra and it's in the city
Friendly and respectful staff, great customer service. Thank you for all your help and support through treatment and reminders.
I just want to say thanks very much Ashley and Martins, I'm so happy because I got my hair again
Would think that it gets cheaper each year as the recover of the r&d costs per person should b in early years.
Keep up the good work!
Very happy with results and the great staff I deal with.
I have been with Ashley and Martin for 6 years and it has been a brilliant service and I'm extremely happy with my progress over the last 6 years. the professional manner shown is brilliant especially when it's a hard thing to admit (hair loss) let alone walk into a office and pay money to grow it back but I give full credit to Roger and the team in Brisbane they are truly doing a great job.
A&M have been amazing to deal with over the past 12 odd years and I will continue to be a customer of A&M as long as I can.
Well organised and caring.
Have noticed hair loss fluctuates depending on stress - discussed with consultant and would be good to know that stress can affect treatment temporarily.
Would be great to get it cheaper each year as a loyalty bonus
The most annoying part is the hair solution. It marks bed sheets and pillows.
Friendly and professional
Travel friendly packs of products would be good
Rhonda at the west perth clinic has been a great and helpful consultant.
Over all I am really happy with the progress. I have been seeing Ashely and Martin for several years as I know it works. I recommend it to others that are close to me and know that I use it. I do believe the older you get the less it works as to when I first commenced. Cheers
Service is fantastic and treatment is easy to do.
The front desk staff at Brisbane are very professional and polite.
I have been pleased so far, the move to have 1mg DHT inhibitor tablets was very good, I think it would be great if an alternate application method for the minoxidil could be looked at (similar to what rogaine now have which is a foam like substance that gets massaged into the scalp and dries quickly)
The service is very friendly and the treatment works great.
Always a pleasure seeing the Staff at the Panarama office, very carrying and helpful.
Service is a great! A more permanent treatment option with less daily commitment would be preferred to make lifestyle easier.
Abit expensive
All good
Very friendly and welcoming staff, in a situation that can be confrontational.
Great service and friendly interaction
It's worked great for me. Ashley and Martyn have had a massively positive impact in my life.
My first year treatment with A&M has been an amazing experience. Consultant followed up my case and there were random checks on my hair treatment improvement. And the next two years especially the period between oct 2015 - oct 2016, was disappointing as there were no follow ups, no checks and no one even bothered to call me and take my feedback as they did in the initial stage. Even after continuous complaints regarding no improvement of my hair growth(hair fall has been extremely high when compared to my previous months), there was no advise given nor i was been called up for regular check ups. Oct 2015 is when i restarted the programm again, and the only call i received from the consultant is on oct 2016 to come for a check up, since they've noticed that my programm is finished. Few of my friends whom i've referred to faced the same situation. Not sure why the standards have gone so low. Extremely disappointed. Not sure if this feedback will ever be taken seriously. But i would neither continue with A&M nor i will refer any. I hope treatment and service would improve in the future as i would love to see the way they handled my case when i first approached A&M.
I am disappointed that even though I raised my concern your medication had a long term effects on my body your doctor simply dismissed it. I said i wanted to talk to my wife. You gave me my next batch and went home. My wife didn't want me to risk further peminent damage to my body but when i rang back the next day i was told you won't accept a return as I took them home. As such I have been billed for something I don't want or use .
Great team and awesome product that really works!
Excellent service, treatment products and results. I will continue signing up. It's one thing to be getting treatment and put your mind at easy, but it's another thing to see ACTUAL results! Thank you
I feel the product works. I find the hair solution alittle intrusive at times. Ie dating or staying with someone unaware of the treatment. Solution treatment cannot be hidden. I feel the price point is quite high and often review the online market for alternative products. For some reason there's never stock on hand for collection at my annual appointment.
We would always like more hair πŸ™‚
I like most people thought it didn't work, so I never gave it a chance. But one day I thought "why not" and have never looked back.
Couldnt b happier with ashley and martin
It would be good to have some proactive notification from A&M when your credit card expiry date approaches to avoid defaulting on a scheduled payment.
great friendly professional service and a product and system that really works!
The treatment has given me the freedom to go out on the town, and not worry that someone's staring at my hairloss
* Always on time with check ups
* good customer service
Great service, with helpful staff and a simple treatment plan that is easy to follow
I've been using your (A&M) shampoos & treatment products such as Presol & previously Antiseptol etc. for something like 30 years ! - to my knowledge this is the First Time I have ever received any communication from A&M unless I'd placed an order previously ! - Welcome to "Customer Service " - keep them coming !! - obviously I like the products ! -
Great. Love it.
Thank you for your time and patience, been a great help for my confidence?
I thank Ashley and Martin for its great work and product. Your staff are so freindly and don't make the experience intimidating. I hope to stay with Ashley and Martin for a long time
We missed Jinathan because he always encourage me and my wife continuslly.

However all your staff are nice and very comfortable every time when we visited your office.

Kind regards,
Yes. Thankyou very much for this treatment. I am so happy I had come to you guys when I did so happy now.
I Could never have been so happy with the way my hair looks without Ashley and Martin it's the best thing I ever did for my hair and would never give up on treatments thank you to everyone at Ashley and Martin Melbourne
I'm unsure if people have noticed as I don't talk about it with anyone. Overall it works if you use it as directed. Look forward to Ashley and Martin improving with advancements in hairloss treatment in the future.
Everything is great!
I appreciate that they look after their existing, loyal clients.
Not alot to say but thank you ?
Open new shop near Werribee please..
Always been helpful
very good service and the treatment is professional. I should have taken the treatment eralier
The discrete process suits my situation
It's brilliant and recommend it to anyone wanting to regain their hair.
Nice staff and easy to deal with
My consultant Jamie an his staff have been more then helpful an I'm happy with my results.
I have been happy with the staff in the city office. never have to wait too long.
Treatment and service has been good. Pretty happy with results
Roger is always very easy to talk to.
The girls behind the desk are always friendly and helpful. The whole team is great.
Great work and bring change in lives.
Happy with the treatment and booking services
A lot of people I talk to think hair loss treatment doesn't work and are afraid of how expensive it might be.
I joined Ashley and Martin in Perth in 2014; hoever, my one year contract finished and I rejoined in Sydney. I like Ashley and Martin's service as well treatment they provide to their clients.
I wish I can see the good results soon.
Excellent service from the staff, they don't make you feel uncomfortable as I'm a very shy person and the treatment is the best thing I've ever done never thought it would work because a friend of mine done a treatment with a competitor and had no results, but after seeing my results he now is doing his hair treatment with Ashley and Martin. Worth every dollar.
I've been overall happy with the service and the staff are always super friendly. I do feel it is very expensive and will likely have to discontinue one day as the cost is becoming not worth it. But I would recommend it to people who are struggling with hair loss
I find it professional ,easy and very friendly staff.
Quite expensive
It's a non invasive treatment that for me really does seem to work. The staff and doctor are always extremely friendly and professional. Thank you very much
Good overall just not enough personal and shampoo given and too hard to get into the city but now I'm
Rent the machine but could by it outright and the 5% formula for chemist warehouse instead of 7% offered by a&am and save
Hair has not improved. However, more importantly, hair has not got worse. Therefore I will keep using ashley and martin's products
Not enough time/appointments with consultants
You need a Sunshine Coast Branch, I go to the Brisbane office and it's a pain.
I feel it worked well at the start of the treatment when I was younger but now isn't as good
At my very first consultation, I felt slightly pressured by the consultant into signing up for the treatment when I wasn't entirely sure and was concerned about the cost. However I'm glad that I did as it has made a significant difference to my life. Since then I have found all of the consultants to be very friendly, helpful and professional.
Service is good and staff are more respectful than I anticipated.

Treatment seems to be working well, still have some progress to go.
The service and advice is fantastic and i am always very happy and excited to see the improvements each time i am there and have more confidence
The annual cost is a concern for committing to treatment year in year out
Quick easy and professional.
Need more treatment improvement
very happy with treatment, im glad i got it early so now at 38 im glad to have still a full head of hair, best money i spend per year, highly recommend
Still sceptical whether it has actually made any improvements.
All the employees are very friendly and kind.
Always good service from the staff.
I never considered treatment because I thought it was B.S. I think AM should advertise through hair dressers as people often have a trustful relationship with them.
Very relieved on the results.

I have extensive scarring on my scalp and was very self conscious about it. When I go to some appointments I can see - and so has my partner - that my hair is stated at. I feel kind of objectified too, initially the doctor was very uncaring about my situation and offered little sympathy. This set me back a bit too.
They have so friendly and helpfull service , I love all of workers
I never have to worry about any hair loss anymore. Thats the exact response i wanted from myself out of this treatment. Its great
Dr appointments only on weekdays and always during my working time and awkward appointment time
Always professional and polite, very easy to deal with.
Thank you
Yes it's a life saver. WOULD be shattard if i didn't go on the program. saved me from going bold and would recommend to all from the same problem as myself. as i was going bold at juat the age of 18
I am so happy with my treatment progress. So glad that it worked so well thanks so much Ashley and Martins
Waist of time
Initially there was good improvement, for the first 8 months, however I feel the second batch of treatment solution wasn't effective and my hair volume has decreased to back where I started or even less.
I am happy with the service and the product.
Really happy with Ashley and Martin treatment
Slow improvement cannot afford laser cap
Very good all around. I was interested in finding out what causes hair loss in/on the nape of your neck, however, I've not been able to get an answer from Ashley and Martin.
Quite satisfied with the service, am willing to continue another year.
Coordinate all treatment elementa being delivered at once. Tablets and groeth formula
Great service along with follow up calls
Been great service and help with quite good results, would've liked more improvements, but such is life.
Staff are very friendly and make you feel comfortable when it can be a little daunting and embarrassing at first
Having spent a totally useless and unorganised year at Advanced Hair before coming here I can truly attain to you guys being absolutely the best of the best.

The staff are great! The products are reliable, and the office/clinic is comfortable.

I'm sure even if I hadn't been at advanced hair for a year I'd think this!

Happy to tell you all about them if you're ever looking to know more about the shabby used-car-sales style 'competition'.

I really also like how I can casually drop in for laser appointments.
I think the service is very good. Helpful, friendly staff that help you not feel selfconscious.
I'm amazed with the results, thanks you legends!
Fantastic and new lease on life
Happy with the service and have been a returning client, it's important to get in early before hair loss is to far. Would recommend Ashley and Martin
Want to see more efficient in treatment. My hair is better but not much as I expect.
I hope it can be better.
great support
Very professional
About service its very good. No complaints about treatment. Only complaint above after noon Dr.
Very good
Initially the results were unreal, hopefully favourable results continue
The service is second to none-all the staff are friendly and helpful (which is want you want in all situations) and the treatment program is very effective and very low maintenance. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to do something about their hair loss.
I have been grateful for the service so far. It has given me more confidence
Would love to stay longer but would love cheaper rates
TThank to Ashley and Martin, my hair feels and looks so much better and i am so much more confident in everyday life. Hopefully it continues to improve!
The Brisbane centre's staff are fantastic, supportive of my life schedule in developing my individual treatment plan and are extremely friendly.
Need to be more proactive in latter part of treatment when the growth plateaus
The staff have always been really helpful and sensitive about how I feel about the hair loss
Not that great result as i had expected and in comparison to what $ i spent but do not regret as well.
Great quality and lovely oeople
Impeccable on both service and treatment.
Staff are always very friendly and helpful
Open and honest
Adelaide office all very good.
Overall I am pleased with the service that I have received. However, I do think that the cost of the program will not be manageable ongoing for myself as well as many other clients.
Always very helpful and informative advice from doctor and consultant. My hair has stabilized at a level I'm comfortable to maintain and feel confident. Great service and support.
Excellent service
For years I thought it was a scam, I'm ashamed for thinking that without giving it a go. It bothered me so much that my wedding photos, the baldness was showing and the hair on top was so thin.

One night I had my closest friend over and said that I had something on my mind, as soon as I mentioned my hair thinning so fast and wondered what if I went to AM, he smirked at me and said, do it, trust me, I've been going to AM for years, then I realized, that's why he has such good hair.
The next few days, I made an appointment, first with another competitor of AM, then with AM so I could compare the two, AM ticked all the boxes and I have been going there since 2009 and will until I drop.

Thanks so much AM, I have got my sister onto AM and will recommend to my closest friends if they ever raise concerns about their hair.
The price of the medication should be less for ongoing patient.
Friendly and flexible to time constraints imposed by life/work.
Fantastic service so far. Would always recommend people to you guys
Ashley Martins service and support from throughout the beginning till date has been exceptional, and very supportive, the team was always reassuring and always there to fill any queries and go through and explain any current stage of the process I was curious about or in self doubt, I'm pleased with the results and am very grateful I gave the program a go and am dedicated and commited to withhold constant care and stay within the program to keep my results for as long as I can.
It does work but only slowly and once stopped it falls out very quickly
Money well spent
Not really, all staff are professional and friendly. Treatment stays good unless for unusual life change patterns e.g. Long/high energy holidays but hair usually comes back pretty quick after.
treatment works & great support and advice from consultants
I have been very happy with the treatment and service so far.
I don't think they do enough for what it costs.
I am Very pleased with my results with Ashley and Martin and they are very professional on follow ups to see how you are going with treatment they don't just sell you the products they want to make sure it is working and you are getting the best results
It's worked amazingly....
overall I'm very happy with the results
Could maybe get more people to join with a referral discount
Very good service. Process explained well when I started and effective adjustments made to treatment when it caused side effects.
Staff are always friendly and cheerful
The process isn't a cure as you still experience hair loss, appears it slows the process down while promoting some growth. Good product and friendly staff
Would prefer I didn't have to listen to radio during laser treatment
Generally quite happy with treatment and service. However quite often there seems to be a disconnect between A&M emails and status of treatment
Waiting times have been increasing. It is an issue that needs to be aaddressed
It really works. It made a huge difference in how my hair looks now. I look much younger and full of life and people notice the results straight away.
Great easy service
Excellent service and ongoing support
Hoping for some stronger results on my second lot of treatment.
It's a wonderful and amazing treatment.
Front side area has improved but I expected better results on the crown. Especially the way the commercials carry on Ps i don't work any more. Ta..
Things have been really good so far so I hope the improvements continue as they have this past year so that more hair will return
I had a great experience and I feel that it works. Have recommended to quite a lot of people and will keep doing so
Excellent service. Staff are very friendly and polite.
Would be very happy if it was cheaper.
The application of serum is very difficult to manage with my lifestyle. Which in turn hinders hair growth. Are there any alternatives?
Good service?
Very happy with the result and treatment
Very professional
Best and feel happy for the service And care they give me everything they say improve work very well I just want to thank everybody In Ashley & Martin
Always helpfully & friendly
I like the team at A&M especially Roger. He has always been really helpful and is a lovely guy. I am happy with the program and service I have received.
I want to say how happy I am with the result from Ashley and Martin. It's exceeded all my expectations. It really works. I would encourage any guy, young or old, to give it a go
Thanks for making a good medical product and i satisfied it
Great service and treatment. I thank the A and M staff wholeheartedly
Have found the consultant and staff at the Parramatta office to be very friendly and accommodating.
I felt it wasn't communicated properly how to best use the product and at times getting the products was very difficult in times of need. Also travelling with the product wasn't easy to keep under the recommended temperate
Keep up the good work.
Extremely happy with the results but after remaining on treatment for around 3 years I have noticed my hair loss starting to get worse again, and am worried my thousands of dollars are wasted of it continues.

Consultant is really friendly although sometimes it seems they give me conflicting information on seperate visits.
Excellent, friendly and discreet service.
Very friendly fast and efficient service with a programme that truly does work
I think the staff and treatment are fantastic..
Unfortunately I don't get there as often as I would like to use the laser treatment(hardly ever) which has made my hair thin out a little bit again.
Add a hairdressing service.
Nice to stop the hair loss
Just wanna say thank u
I didn't know it that much works
The service has always been great and the employees at Ashley and Martin have always made feel really relaxed and comfortable when I have attended their offices. With regards to the treatment, I have seen really positive results in relation to growing back hair in certain areas where it has been sparse, as well as with regards to the improvement in the general overall thickness of my hair.
Treatment is amazing and simple to apply!
Always walk out of the clinics with a smile.
All you guys and gals are awesome.
I feel confident again and its all because of the success from the treatment, can not thank you all enough for making me feel proud of my hair again πŸ™‚
Just with the DHT inhibitor tablets, they changed my tablets this year and I had to stop and get them changed again to some other DHT inhibitor tablets cause they gave me a lot of pimples on my chest region and these new one's that I'm taking now aren't bad but occasionally get them. The DHT inhibitor tablets I took last year never gave me a single problem. My grudge is why did they have to change my tablets from last year to these cause all they gave me was pimple problems.
Seemed to work initially but results slowed after few years. Havent been constant using product and especially in winter
No thank you.
Easy and effective treatment.
I've been happy with it. It's an expensive outlay, but I've noticed results
It's been a god send!
I saw the article in an areoplane magazine and that prompted my actions
Pretty good without being incredible. But pretty bloody good considering I was really close to needing to be shaved
Good product, hair has grown. Happy with progress so far πŸ™‚
I was lucky that I seeked treatment early that stoped any further hair lose. I consider myself lucky that I took action and A&M gave me the confidence to try your program. All these years on, I look at my friends who were in the same situation as I was who talked about taking action, but never did. They now have little to no hair and recret that they did not take action and join your program. I thank A&M for giving me the confidence to start the program and for keeping my full head of hair!
An improvement could be if the treatments weren't required as frequently. Maybe twice a week instead of daily.
Otherwise I have had no issues with this treatment and have recommended it to others.

I have been receiving treatment for several years now and I am a extremely happy patient. The team have been very helpful and understanding.

I must admit I do find it quite hard to pay my yearly treatments, especially now I have just gotten married.

My hair and this program means, the world to me!

Thank you so much for the chance to express my happiness, thoughts and worries to the team.

Kind Regards,
The team has always been amazing with me and my expectations have in every way. Whether it be additional explanations required or a last minute treatment booking made by me, everyone has always been more helpful in my experiences.
Happy maintains what I have without further loss
I am overall happy with the treatment, although i would always want it to be more effective especially in the forehead region
very happy with the quality of the service and product
I find the team at ashel and martin to be very professional.particularly jamie i have been dealing with him for years and find him to be very helpful about any questions i have.
Professional approach. Proven results.
The treatment is preventative. It has slowed my hair loss.
Very friendly Staff
They are friendly and provide a great service
So far I'm very happy with the results and what made me feel much better was that my consultant was actually on the program himself
Everyone is very helpful and knowledgable about the condition, would love the oppurtunity to win the 12 months free treatment to continue my journey to a fuller head of hair.
A little expensive at first.
Treatment was solid for over 2 years and I didn't get much result at all.
The Ashley & Martin staff have been wonderful and made the process relaxing and easy couldn't be happier
Its a great service and treatment, would like to try and improve my hair even more so it would be good to know that you are working on more products to make hair thicker
So far I am very happy with the improvement
I have always found them to be professional and helpful. I originally felt like I had been sold to and manipulated into signing the contracts, but I was sceptical about the treatment. I am glad now that I did do it and continued to maintain the program to this day. I was married on the 8th of October this year and I am so happy to have had a full head of hair and even be happy with my hairstyle.
very good
There should be a loyalty discount for long term customers. Having undertaken the treatment for ~7 years no incentive is offered for ongoing loyalty.
Would like an SMS reminder the day of, or the day before, and appointment is due for laser or doctor.
Overall good service. ..hope it will continue to improve
Staff are very friendly. Make you feel very comfortable and you trust in what they say. Would recommend them to anyone ??
I'm not sure long term how my hair is travelling - I would like further guidance on hair maintenance for the long term.
The treatment is genuine and it works. The only problem is when you stop using you go back to sqaure one. A very good temporary solution not permanent one unless you use it for life time.
Simple and effective treatment but I feel that it's a bit expensive
I trust the brand now.
Service is always fantastic. The treatment is simple and pretty effective.
You guys are great!!
A&M in Adelaide city have a great friendly relaxed consultant and nice doctor.

Reception also friendly and attentive as well.

Great team and great doctors and consultants. They made me feel welcomed and ensured me there was a solution to the condition. Very helpful whenever I needed assistance or clarification on anything. Would and have recommended it to many
They have been great to deal with so far
The staff are wonderful and have always displayed care and understanding with every interaction. Thanks heaps
Laser should be a cheap in home option.
The treatment often makes me itchy... I prefer not to go to the office so regularly and prefer they could post the treatment.
I want to keep my treatment confidential and discreet from family and friends
Friendly and supportive wish I had started the treatment much sooner.
Very good
It would be handy if you had some suburban clinics. It would make it a lot easier to get to laser sessions.
I thought it was a bit pushy the way the sales guy tried to focus on people noticing my bald patch, I already wanted the treatment so I think he oversold it
Exceptionally good.
The staff is very friendly and easy to get along with. I felt the results could be better with focus on the hairline rather than the thinning side of things.
I can rely on the company regarding hair loss issue as the treatment works to an extent and don't make the issue worse
Not too happy with the expectations provided and the actual results. Its been a cost that hasn't yielded the returns expected.
I wish it was cheaper but you get what you pay for and without it I would be at a worse place with my hair so for that I'm greatful
The service that I have had had been really good. The staff have been friendly and very helpful. If I had any problems I could just rind them up and they would talk to me about it
Emphasise the importance of acting ASAP

The doctor and consultants are very professional and helpful

It would just be good if after 1-2 years it would be possible to learn more about options for further improvement.
Hav found th Adelaide Team very friendly professional & gd service providers
I caught it early enough for it not to be noticeable
Very friendly staff, they always make you feel welcome.
It worked brilliantly in the beginning but now it's gotten worse
They were helpful and informative. Felt good about my visit
Works well but i would love a cheaper option
Always very reliable and professional staff
It would be great to have one night where the opening hours are longer.
A cheaper way to have laser treatments at home as I can't make it in very often with work
My hair won't loss when I use liquid solution but when the solution finish so hair loss again.
First time round didn't work.. second time round worked. was afraid because it affected libido.
Staff at the parramatta office are very friendly. Especially the blonde girl (sorry I can't remember her name)
No follow up from ashley martins
Great service from the team and will continue treatment as long as possible
Friendly and helpful staff
I'm happy with the service received .
Has there been any type of treatment advancement for hair loss?
Or is anyone close to a more advanced level of treatment?
When you walk into the clinic.
Feels no one judges you which is great.
Beleive everyone understand hair loss condition
Very professional !
Thanks Ashley and Martin for a great convenient program
Wish the cost could be reduced considerably
Very happy with the service and easy going staff with positive attitudes and a down to earth take on a delicate issue
It definitely works however it's really expensive.
I've always been grateful for the technology available and the warmth and professionalism of my consultant. I'm very happy I chose Ashley & Martin.
The treatment works and you have to put the time into every day as it something you can not stop once you start if you want think heathy hair. The only part is the recessing forehead hair which can not be stopped and was always told that it will go back as he solution will not stop it only sow that down. This was correct but having full hair and watch that be reduced. I think you should really have better processes and facilities to deal with that, it seems and was told you don't have it in your operations. I end up finding a company in Belgium who actually carries out single hair transplants who did a good job. Shame I had to go out side to do this and not have someone from AM provide this to me and help me through that part. Wong a member since 1991 thought maybe you would have this sorted. Anyway solutions works for getting thickness of the hair and the tablets Work for the ball match top of the head. But nothing you have stops receding hair line. ;).

Thank you looking forward to winning!
The service and treatment at Ashley & Martin is second to none. You won't find better, and the results speak for themselves.
I've been a member for years now and I'm glad that I was pro active about it from the beginning.
I've had some very good results with the hair growth, and the whole system is just so easy. I never miss a day, it's become second nature to me.
Thank you Ashley & Martin for your efforts and for all your caring and support.
Happy with the service and discretion shown.
Your service is really top class: it's been such a pleasure dealing with you always-the staff are polite to a fault and the product works sensationally well! I am happy for you to use this as a testimonial-many thanks for the difference you've made to my life...
None at the moment. But I'd say treatment is good to me so far.
Men who have been customers for over ten years should receive some kind of discount or reward for being loyal to the programme.
Friendly and helpful, I've been a customer for years and will ideally remain one.
This is my second time on the treatment. I stopped for a while during elongated travels and really noticed all my hair falling out again. So went back on the treatment and easily got myself back to my happy place with hair. Thanks! πŸ™‚
Well, I found the treatment process is lengthy but effective at the end.
They have been amazing and done me a treat. My hair is long and luscious because of A&M and I'll keep going until I can't anymore. Thank you team for my continued confidence!!
its allways good to give feedback if it can help others in future
It's not just about regrowing lost hair, it's about improving the health and appearance of the hair that you do have as well as preventing further damage.
have been undergoing treatment for years now and I am very pleased with the customer service and reminders via email when it is time to renew for another years supply
Friendly staff, good service
It's all good
Great service with effective product. Access for those living further away from Perth has improved with online renewals and product has improved as tablets no longer required to be quartered.
Great service and communication A+
Excellent, professional care & treatment.
I'm very happy with th service and treatment. I'd probably appreciate it if the treatment was a bit cheaper, it's hard to support a family and pay for the treatment every year. Kind regards
It's been really good. I've had quite good re-growth. I tried 12 months at the competition, Advanced Hair, without success before trying Ashley and Martin. The consultant and the doctor are fantastic. The reception staff could use a tune up though.
Its pretty good services, the office ladies are nice too so you feel welcome. However with the product itself, if it could be more effective and less hassel in taking it (perhaps a more permanent 'cure') that would be even better
Treatment is too expensive.
If garlic and olive oil to be added to the ingredients of the supplements, it might boost the strength of hair follicles.
Excellent product, and great service from team at Ashley & Martin.
Love the product and would recommend it to everyone!
Staff are friendly!
Service and treatment have been fantastic. Bringing back confidence is a great thing!!
I am glad i seeked help before it was to late
not happy about the annual cost of the serums
It has changed my life, I was way too young to loose hair. It has always been such a huge part of my personality so the help has been unmeasurable!
Living remotely I haven't had any secondary photos taken but I feel my hair loss hasn't regressed and it may have improved.
Could be more effort to give progress reports
They're incredibly friendly! I wish there were more ways at consistently measuring progress though. It's also strange that I've got a stockpile of shampoos and such, yet can't get a discount for subsequent years when I don't need as much product. Would be better if it was tiered so it got cheaper over time if possible due to having lots of product accumulate?
Even though it might work for people, I have not noticed any significant differences to grow new hair. I felt that A&M is good to retain the hair that you have and prolong the hair loss, which is great; but I didnot see any noticeable differences to my hair regeneration. At times I also felt that A&M was more commercial and did not care about the patient.
Very good and friendly staff where i go. Its paramatta office
I was really concerned at the rate of hair loss in the last few years and had almost given up. I was sceptical about potential treatments on the market but thought I would at least have a consultation. The knowledge and service by the A and M team was just fantastic. It was clear these treatments had the potential to work and I just needed to be diligent and follow the program. It was clearly explained what I needed to do and especially what I could expect. No false promises just clear reality. That was greatly appreciated. I was quite nervous on the follow up appointment but was very happy to see the progress made. I feel more confident and put simply, happier!
Appreciate my consultant Ronda and how nice and easy the process has been made now with the rental laser cap.
Thank you so much
I am very greatful this existed.
My life would have been so different
Service is good consultant was great and so is the doctor ???
Just by taking the tablets alone I have more than doubled my hair in six months since starting. I'm really happy with those results. It has done a lot to keep me comfortable with my appearance & boosted my confidence.
Laser rentals is a good idea
Works great and the staff are fantastic! The results are excellent.. very pleased.
I bit disappointed with the outcome , spending about $4000 without improvements to my hair
Was ok but I expected better
The doctor and manager were very helpful as they needed to be with such a relatively big decision. My hair grows 4 times as quick as it used to and it is very enjoyable to get a fresh haircut every 3 weeks
Great staff.very friendly.makes it easy to visit the centre
Overall, a very professional organisation with highly skilled employees.
Didn't work for me
There are a range of missed opportunities you could do
Leave in scalp moosturiser like almond oil
Specialised hair product that has vitamins in it to help that doesn't clump hair like gel
Cheaper option for laser cap and I would buy it
Special hair colour that's safe for greys
Volume shampoo is amazing
Please move your Brisbane office to a convenient location in the city. Spring Hill is a bit too far.
Yes, the staff at Ashley and Martin, Parramatta are always very friendly, courteous and supportive
Option of later hours or traveling clinic will help regional customers be more vigilant with following up
I am happy! I have been lazy with the laser but I keep the rest up! Thank you
Reception in the CBD is not welcoming. You never feel a warm reception or welcomed. You feel like a number who pays money. The Doctor is awkward and the reception staff have no warmth.
I would like to try PRP therapy as my last resort as the information provided from R&D is encouraging. Will AM add this as a treatment in the future?
The treatment has been good for me,
Although wish I got in earlier cause with the hair growth only so much improvement occurred... the treatment is keeping the hair I have but not thickening out anymore.
Product and results are fantastic. I do feel that the treatment is expensive though.
I have always received excellent service
Been a client since 1989
Customer service is the best in the exhibition office
Fix the timers on the lasers
I embrace the opportunity to go to Ashley and Martin. The service has been outstanding and I never regret my decision to undergo the treatment.
The treatment in adelaide has been great and the lads have been very helpful and professional very happy with the results, i have been on the treatment for 5 years
Get the Wollongong clinic up and running full time please. I would use the laser at clinic but too far to travel into Sydney or Canberra. Get rid of the solution all the money you make and you still haven't condensed treatment into a pill yet. The pills and solutions have no use by dates, everything goes off. By law your ment to have a used by date on all prescriptions given. When I first started treatment approx 2005, the consultant assured me treatment price would decrease. Well it's 2016 now and the price hasn't dropped any. How about dropping cost for long term members.
Good service
Great service
I would be interested to see what natural non toxic treatments can be developed
Happy with service.
Thank you!
I find it hard to remember to do all the steps involved every single day, I don't take the pill and use solution every day
I have done a years treatment 3 years ago and it worked. Left it for a while and it has gone back to what it was like at the beginning but not as bad. Happy with the end results and will most probably continue with treatment after this year is up
Staff have been extremely friendly during the program
Disappointed that I was unable to return shampoo as it was not suited to my scalp!
Nothing has changed on crown area
Professional polite
Ashley and Martin have provided a very supportive, professional and honest approach to handling my condition. They have created an environment where I feel comfortable to talk about it and I now feel much more confident about myself.
Very happy with my progress over the years with Ashley and Martin .
They are professional , very helpful and I have always felt confident and comfortable when dealing with them .
Made a big difference in my life and confidence and I am always thankful .
I restarted treatment after i stopped it for nearly 1 year. I am not doing the really I saw in the initial treatment.
All good
I have always felt comfortable & welcomed to talk to the friendly staff at the Parramatta office.
Very helpful
Most accomodating and helpful
Friendly and helpful staff, great product, probably a tad on the expensive side however.
A&M have done a great job in returning my hair to me, the treatment works and the service is great, thank you.
Product works well I caught it really early so not many people noticed
Better marketing to reach majority of people
Glen is very good
A discount for long term patients
No issues
I hope that the company is not running that money back scam on new patients. From memory It was over $4000. Fantastic for the company bad for the patients pockets. I am sure if I went to the Accc I could have been refunded the balance it was a scam, same product it is just the other didn't offer money back. This has actually made me really angry writing about this so if I find out that you are still doing this I am going to shop around for some where else.
I started with advanced hair studio and that was a joke of a place so I was very skeptical at first. I've been doing the program for a year now and the results have been much better. Only wish i would of started sooner. Overall though the service and communication has been great. Just wish it was a bit cheaper
I really helpfull
The treatment was really good but sometimes the service is not that great because when I ran out of shampoo and conditioner, they said they need to charge for it. I thought it was included in the treatment program.
I am not happy
Excellent service excellent results wish more men knew about it and started maintenance in their early 20's. You don't have to go bald
They have always been great
It really works
A&M does a good job. I am however sceptical about the tablet finastride. After much research have decided not take it. The solution it seems is doing a great job all by itself and I think Saw Palmetto has benefits for the body over and beyond hair loss treatment. This to me is really good. Keep up the good work.
Very professional and friendly manner. Very respectable.
Very nice and friendly people
The service and treatment has been great. I haven't come into the office as often as I should but the solution and pills seem to be doing their job. I have always found the service to be very accomodating and flexible. I have recommended others already to Ashley and Martin.
The team and clinics are great. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly and I'm extremely glad I took the step and did something about my hair loss.
The service is second to none, overall patience is the key with this treatment as results don't come overnight.
I've always been greatful that it's worked.
I highly recomend.
Great product and friendly staff everytime.
Need more hair
Its fine
No am happy with them
Service has been very good and I am very pleased to deal with the staff who have assisted me on this journey
As a very self disciplined person I enjoy and have no issue in keeping up with the treatment routine. Great program, can vouch for its proven record.
Am pretty happy with it
Great product feel lucky it was discovered at the right time for me to save my hair.
Great people and service
It's quite hard to apply by yourself and have peace of mind that it has been done precisely. I do find it very hard on the financial side. Everything else im happy with πŸ™‚
Has worked very well for me over 10-15 year period
Working so far- so I am hopeful that it'LL stay!
Thank you and proven reaults
The treatment is alright. I so feel like it is a lot of smoke and mirrors for what you eventually get. There is no real following up on my program until it comes time to renew it
My treatment improved my hair volume in the first 9 months but has since degrades worse than at the start
The service has been great
Just an easy routine to get into to gain confidence back. All consultants and staff at Ashley and Martin are very friendly and easy to deal with.
Quick and easy,
Roger is a real asset to the company...humble guy..straight forward from day 1..wasn't a pushy salesman. .I felt at home everytime I sat with him and could talk easily with him...I had also gone elsewhere but the other guy from that company didn't come close to Roger in conduct etc...I just came back straight to ashley Martin. .....the girls at the reception are lovely. .very's just a wonderful team...
Very good service
Incredibly happy with the results. My hair hasn't been this full ssice i was a teenager
I'm very happy that my treatment has continued to be successful.
Treatment is overpriced for the result. After this year I'll be seeking other alternatives.
Very friendly and welcoming
12 months free treatment would really help as im in financial difficulty at the moment
Great service, the staff are always helpful.
Thank you
I would just like to say that I am happy with everything so far and I hope it keeps going the same way
Great service and treatment. I wish it was a bit more affordable as I am a student but apart from that fantastic product and service πŸ™‚
It's good service and treatment that works.
The clients just have 2 follow
Great service
I have been on your treatment for at least 2 yearsI find it strange that your doctor won't prescribe that pill that you expect clients doctors to prescribe
My GP refuses to prescribe this product due to the side effects it can have which I experienced after a few days.At this stage,I can't see the value in spending another $1500 when I don't think it's working.
Customer service with regards to the medical consultations could be improved, by hiring more engaging doctors.
All staff have been help and professional
Very friendly, informative and professional service. However, the Ashley and Martin program is very expensive, making the option less plausible for those less fortunate.
I think the Shampoo and Conditioner should be included for the duration of a cycle / in proportion to the treatment
Good service but expensive
Yes i will like Ashley Martin to help me in any way for me to get my full hair i believed in the company and am hoping to see more and more improvement
I'm very happy with my service and treatment.
Thankyou for your hair loss treatment
Very happy
Signed up with advanced hair last time my contract ended but decided not too and came to Ashley and martin again
Exceptionally pleased with result.
Friendly staff / great service.
Exceeded expectations.
Wish i did it sooner.
So many cons like advanced hair who made me feel what I would get is the same result from Ashley and Martin which it's not.
I have had unbelievable results and it has made me a complete different person and increased my confidence.
Make it clearer that treatment may go on for years
Would be nice to have this dry/ absorb quicker its very annoying having my hair wet for so long. Also if i put it on before bed and it went on my pillow i found if i fell asleep and turned i started getting curly eyelashs now i wear a beanie to bed if i have it on and my eye lashes have started straightening up again
Great company that's provides results with friendly staff.
Friendly customer service from all I have delt with.
Great results. Friendly and warm staff who do a great job !!
Ashley and Martin have been an absolute godsend. It's the only thing I've tried which has helped me with my hairloss. I first started noticing hair loss at 20. I was absolutely devastated, and this has allowed me to gain some confidence back. A&M service is excellent, I've always been treated with respect, and the treatment does work. Even though I rarely talk to others about my hairloss, if I do, I always recommend A&M.
No.thank for great stuff
All good
The dangers of DHT inhibitor tablets should be discussed further, upon initial treatment
First year us too expensive
I love it
Just a fantastic team at parramatta, assure you, are professional and always leave at ease
Always willing to help in anyway
Very professional & it works
I have been on the program for close to 10 years - it has given me the confidence in my appearence which i was beginning to lose in my early 20s. Would love it if ashley and Martin offered a hair transplant program
After several years of treatment in sstating to notice that in again losing my although at a much slower rate.
I am very satisfied client with Ashley and Martin. But in between my treatment one the ladies doctor told me to use fenendred tablets having lower effect than the one that i use too and my hair started to fall again. Not very happy after anither doctor told me to go back to old fenendred tablets. I am with Ashley and Martin for over 2 years now and i should have got the good results by this time but because of one bad suggestion of the doctor i am back to the same place where i started my treatment. I lost my time and money because of this. I am taking the prescribed mesication again with a hope that i will recover my hair back again. I am trying to control hair falls but its not happeing so far.