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The Cure-All for Hair Loss and Other Scams

It’s an unfortunate truth, but the experience of hair loss can make some people susceptible to a variety of cons and scams. They may promise to solve the problem once and for all, but they’re often little more than ‘snake oil’, and should be avoided at all costs. Below are some pointers on doing just that.

Manage Your Expectations

When undertaking a treatment for hair loss, it’s absolutely crucial to set your expectations correctly. That helps in both the treatment, and analysis of the results. It’s fair to say that most any treatment won’t deliver a complete reversal of hair loss. No matter the cause behind it, natural ageing processes also transform the hairline. By that sense, a 50-year-old jockeying for the hairline of a 20 year-old is only setting themselves up for supreme disappointment.

The Miracle Products

While on the topic of realism, it’s essential to note that the science of hair regrowth is continually improving. People are right to be suspicious of any product that claims major results, if not total regrowth through any combination of methods. This can include topical applications, massage and medication.

Although these are items that sometimes make up legitimate hair loss treatments, only quality products prescribed by a professional should ever be used.

Cost & Accountability

Scams come in plenty of different forms, but anyone who has suspicions about a potential treatment should always follow their instincts and do some research. Treatments that purport to have amazing effects and are quite costly can be problematic.

Another warning sign can be treatments that require a lump-sum upfront payment, which can be pitched on the basis of not having to pay for ongoing treatments.

Ultimately, it’s safest to seek out a hair loss professional, one who belongs to a trusted clinic. After all, hair loss is a medical issue – who else to see about it but a licensed medical professional?