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The Mature Hairline, Explained

Development of a mature hairline is something that happens to all young men, generally occurring after puberty, but before age 30. The hairline around the forehead gradually shifts back slightly, revealing more of the forehead. The recession impacts the entire hairline, but the greatest shift takes place above the temples.

Many men can panic at the outset of this small recession, as the increased appearance of the forehead can leave many feeling self-conscious. On top of that, many are concerned about greater hair loss. The good news is that a mature hairline is simply a part of aging, and is not necessarily linked to any other hair loss.

Can You Stop a Mature Hairline?

Some men may find themselves wondering if it’s possible to halt or prevent the maturing of the hairline. While a hair loss expert may be aware of potential steps that can be taken against it, most would not advise it. The hairline is meant to naturally change with age, and working against it would create an out-of-place boyish look on a man well-advanced from that period in his life.

Celebrating the Style

One the great upsides to the mature hairline is that it helps men to craft a more distinguished look. Certain physical characteristics are associated with more dapper older men, and the mature hairline is part and parcel of them.

There are many different ways hair grows on male heads, so styling with the mature hairline is something to chat to a hairdresser about, who can make a personal assessment and recommend a style. To get started, however, here are some recommended hair styles, for both the mature hairline, and some of the potential hair loss developments that can follow.

Growing the Fringe

For men who are still self-conscious about their hairline, and would prefer to take the focus off it, hair can be cut longer in the front and worn down over the forehead. This look is on the shaggier side, but is particularly useful for disguising the temples.

Going Shorter

The opposite of the shaggier look, some men may choose to cut their hair very short, embracing the new hair line. The “faux hawk” might sound a little on the punk-rock side of styling, but it’s actually quite common – especially among football players. This style involves growing hair longer on the top, but shortening the sides significantly. This works with the natural changes in the hair line. It also functions well for men who are beginning to experience thinning hair, and don’t want to draw too much attention to it.

If the length of the thinning hair becomes an issue, the crew cut is a preferable style, cut quite short on all sides. This has proved a popular choice for many Hollywood stars, including Liev Schreiber and Sam Worthington, for whom the crew cut is now a signature look.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the mature hairline is a natural part of adulthood. Men needn’t fear it. By the same token, it shouldn’t make them complacent about other types of hair loss, which can be treated.