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Case Study: Thyroid Problem Causes Hair Loss

Theo* came to Ashley and Martin with substantial thinning. It had taken only three years for Theo’s hair to go from the thick, healthy head of hair he had sported his whole adult life to a sparse covering from his hairline to crown. Fast approaching 50, both Theo and his partner were starting to get worried about the way his hair loss was affecting his appearance. With his partner’s full support, Theo contacted Ashley and Martin online while searching for solutions to his problem. To date, Theo had not tried any over the counter remedies but he had been considering the idea of treatment for at least two years.

While speaking with his Ashley and Martin consultant about his medical history, Theo disclosed that he had experienced thyroid issues. And while at 47 years old it was statistically likely that his hair loss would be caused by genetics, for Theo it was his thyroid that was impacting the growth cycle of his hair. Thankfully for Theo, Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH® program was designed to intervene in the process causing his hair loss and regrow what he had lost.

After going away and thinking about it for a few weeks, Theo contacted his consultant to make an appointment with the clinic doctor. Happy with his health and the likely outcome he would receive from a RealGROWTH®program, the doctor prescribed Theo’s medication. To support the prescription elements of his treatment, Theo was provided with herbal supplements and was encouraged to attend regular laser therapy appointments.

Six months later, Theo’s hair was thicker and healthier and he could not be happier. The results of his program were evident to see. When he had first met with his consultant his hair had been growing so sparsely that it was easy to see straight through to his scalp. After six months of consistent treatment and regular low-level laser therapy treatments, Theo had achieved the results he and his partner had been looking for.

* Name changed to protect privacy